Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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10. Chapter 10

"someone get more popcorn" zayn moaned as he threw the empty bowl back down onto the coffee table. i stood up, reaching for the bowl, as well as niall. he looked at me with a blank expression, he had nothing to say to me. i took the bowl and walked into the kitchen, closing the door behind me. it swung open again; niall strolling in as he reached for another beer in the fridge.
"you cant ignore me forever nialler." i sighed, putting the bag of popcorn into the microwave.
"im not ignoring you." he said sharply, taking a swig of his beer as he leaned back onto the breakfast table.
"well you're not being pleasant. i cant help that i love liam-"
"you dont love him. i can tell. but its ok, ya know. ive moved on too. i didnt want to tell you earlier because-" he said, putting his beer down on the surface.
"tell me what?" i asked him quizzically. he rubbed his nose and coughed as he did. "niall"
"for the past few weeks ive been seeing this girl, shes called molly and-"
"what? i asked him, my heart aching as he spoke.
"yeah, i was thinking about asking her to be my girlfriend and since you dont love me anymore but love liam then-"
"hey i dont care. its your life, we have both moved on." i said slowly, turning round with my back facing him as i took the hot popcorn out of the microwave fast and angrily. i wasnt wearing oven gloves, i was too annoyed to care.
"are you ok?" niall asked me as i ripped open the bag and throwing the popcorn into the bowl, some pieces missing the bowl and falling onto the floor. "are you jealous." he asked me. i spun round and spat back at him.
"no, why the fuck would i be jealous?" i asked him, grabbing the bowl and slamming it on the surface.
"er yes you are." niall laughed, taking a sip of his drink.
"no im not. you have no right to tell me how i feel. i hope you and molly will be very happy." i said quietly, turning my back to niall again as i breathed out slowly, putting both of my hands on the breakfast bar for support. i shook my head and grabbed the bowl again, walking swiftly to the door. niall grabbed my arm and span me round, looking directly into my eyes.
"are you sure you're ok?" he asked me, raising an eyebrow.
"yes." i replied bluntly, opening the door and plastering a face smile on my face as i walked back in the room onto liam, slamming my lips against his. i saw niall out of the corner of my eye sit on the chair next to our sofa, looking at us make out passionately, tensing and fidgeting as he did.
"can you two please stop sucking faces.?" asked louis. we came apart from the kiss, both turning to look at louis. liam pulled my head to his and whispered hungrily in my ear;
"wanna take this upstairs?" he asked me, winking as he did. i kissed his lips smoothly.
"ok babe." i stood up and grabbed his hand, pulling him up from the sofa. we left the room with the others' eyes following us as we did, nialls gaze was stuck onto me, even when the door closed i could still sense it.
"dont forget the condom!" harry screamed through the door, making louis and zayn laugh. but not niall. we walked up stairs, liam throwing his lips onto mine even before he got to the door. he opened it behind him as i pushed him into the room, falling down on the bed. the kiss became more heated as the clothes fell off each other. he grinded hard against me, making me moan out in pleasure.


i sat in the chair downstairs, curling my fingers as i tried to watch the film.
"i wish they would keep down the fucking noise." i spat out, looking up angrily to the ceiling.
"niall whats going on with you? i thought you had gotten over your y/n obsession?" zayn asked me, leaning forward. harry paused the film and they all turned to face me. trying not to laugh at the obscene sex noises and creaking of the bed and floor boards coming from upstairs.
"yeah, i have." i replied, mumbling my words as i spoke, playing with a lose thread on the chair. "i just think its rude that they are having sex while we are trying to watch a movie." i sighed.
"i think theyre doing something but its definitely not sex..." harry replied, nervously from the noises. i stood up in anger, walking towards the door and into the kitchen and out into the back garden. it was just past midnight and the hot summer evenings were slowly fading out. i took my shoes and socks off, rolling up my jeans as i dipped my feet in the pool, sitting by the edge.
"hey." a deep voice said to me. i turned and saw harry behind me, his hands in his pockets.
"hey." i replied to him. he came and sat down next to me, taking off his shoes and socks as he dipped his feet into the cool water.
"i know you still love her." harry said, turning his head to me.
"love who?"
"y/n! its obvious mate!" he replied to me. i looked down as my cheeks turned red.
"i dont love y/n. i love molly." i said, lying to myself a little bit.
"well thats just bullshit. you havent even slept with molly, yet you've had sex with y/n on the breakfast bar..." harry laughed to himself. i shot daggers at him, trying hard not to laugh.
"i dont know what to do, she obviously loves liam but she will never go for me again." i sighed, swirling my feet in the pool, creating ripples in the pool.
"maybe you could make her want you?" harry asked me. i rose my eyebrow up at him.
"make her jealous, bring molly over. shag her. but bearing in mind you might hurt liam again-"
"i'll do it. i want to be with y/n. and liam is just going to have to deal that im in love with her still." i smiled at harry as i climbed out of the pool and tapping him on the shoulder. "thanks mate." i grinned as i walked back into the kitchen.


i stopped abruptly as i walked into the kitchen the next morning in my pajamas.
"oh hi." i said quickly as i saw a blonde girl sitting next to niall at the breakfast table. i grabbed a carton of orange juice out of the fridge and poured it into a vacant glass.
"err molly, this is y/n. y/n this is-"
"i know who she is!" i snapped at niall suddenly, causing him to shut up and making molly raise her eyebrows at me. "i dont mean to be rude molly but why are you here?"
"y/n!" niall exclaimed, shocked at my words. she coughed and put her hands on her lap, humiliated.
"what, i was just curious..." i said innocently as i took a sip of my drink and leaned across the breakfast bar.
"well if you must know...she spent the night after you and liam went to bed, i invited molly over." niall smiled at me, throwing his arm around her shoulder and pulling her in for a kiss. i shuffled on the spot, uncomfortable. i didnt like seeing niall kiss another girl. it made me feel...different?
"oh" i said, nodding my head and leaving the room, slamming the door behind me. i sat on the sofa, putting the tv on loud. a minute later the living room door swung open, revealing an annoyed looking zayn. wearing only boxers. his hair scruffy, eyes tired looking which emphasised his long eye lashes.
"can you not?" he asked me as he fell onto the sofa.
"turn it down! you woke me up." zayn exclaimed, grabbing the remote from my lap and turning it down.
"sorry." i grumbled at him.
"whats wrong with you?" he asked, taking my glass of orange juice out of my hand and taking a sip from it.
"nothing just...niall and molly. did she have to come into our lives so quickly? they've already slept together. ugh shes such a slut." i exclaimed, crossing my arms and staring blankly at the wall ahead.
"i dont think you should be putting labels on her after what you did to liam with niall." zayn laughed. i turned to him and shot him daggers. "you miss him dont you?" he asked me. my heart sunk in my chest. yes. of coursed i missed niall. he meant everything to me. and now he was actually moved on. i gulped and shook my head.
"nope, im happy with liam." i grinned at him, my eyes slowly filling up with water where i could hear molly and niall laughing and messing about in the next room. "i just dont understand...yesterday he was begging for me to come back, and now...he's with molly?"
"dont ask me, i dont know." zayn replied, holding his hands up. i sat there blankly, biting my lip as i thought.


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