Summer Love

Liam and y//n have the best relationship , every directioner would do anything to be you but when what will happen if Niall says he loves you?

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1. Chapter 1

i ran into the house, screaming as i shot the water gun at the boys behind me. my bikini was soaking wet and my hair was dripping down my face.
"y/n, come back!" liam screamed, running in the house and shooting water at me, making my squeal.
"no!" i laughed, running into the living room, pointing my water gun at the x box next to the tv. the rest of the boys piled in the living room and stopped suddenly behind liam, holding their water guns as the water dipped off their soaking wet bodies. their hair floppy, panting hard from running around the garden on the hot summers day.
"you shoot me, i'll shoot your xbox." i said smugly. they looked around at each other. i knew i had won. harry walked up to me and put his gun on the floor, holding his hands up. the other boys copied. he suddenly grabbed me round the waist, hitching me over his shoulders, me screaming for my life, laughing at the same time.
"PUT ME DOWN HARRY!" i yelped as he carried me outside, the other boys laughing behind, following us. i wacked harrys bum, telling him to put me down. he stopped next to the pool
"you want me to put you down? ok" he said, i could tell he was grinning. he dropped me into the freezing cold water in the pool. me screaming at the top of my lungs as he did so. i swam to the surface of the pool, opening my eyes to see five boys laughing down at me, pushing each other in. it was summer and we were having the biggest heat wave that has ever been seen. i was staying with the boys in their flats over the summer, since i had nothing better to do. liam swam up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me in close, our noses touching. his soft, wet lips slid onto mine as we kissed passionately in the pool with the sun beaming down on us. we came apart from the kiss and grinned at each other.
"i love you" he smiled cheekily. i laughed and kissed him again, my arms draped around his shoulders.
"love you too."
"ooooooooh!" louis exclaimed, pulling kissing faces at us. we turned our heads to look at him, rolling our eyes as we laughed. the afternoon drew on. we sat on the decking drinking cocktails and laughing at funny stories. i was sittign on liams lap, his arms wrapped around my waist niall was sitting opposite us, shuffling uncomfortably in his chair whenever me and liam kissed.
"i know! lets play truth or dare!" i laughed. the boys looked around the circle, unsure what to say.
"ok!" louis exclaimed. "i'll go first. zayn, truth or dare?"
"truth" zayn replied, taking a sip of his drink, his legs up on the table.
"hmm...have you ever had sex with a girl in a swimming pool?" louis asked, grinning wildly at zayn. we all burst out laughing as zayns cheeks turned a crimson colour.
"yes" he whispered, taking another sip of the drink. i looked over to niall and saw that he wasnt laughing, he was sitting blankly with his head resting on his hands, getting through the beer like it was water in the middle of a desert.
"niall, truth or dare?" zayn asked after the laughter had cooled down. niall looked up at zayn, realising that everyone was staring at him. he shrugged his shoulders and answered simply "dare".
"i dare you, to make out with y/n" zayn laughed. i raised my eyebrows suddenly and turned around to look at liam, who had a very disapproving look on his face "for three minutes" zayn continued.
"er zayn-"
"chill out liam!" zayn laughed. niall looked at me nervously. we stood up and walked over to each other, he put his hands awkwardly on my hips and pulled me into his, our lips smashing together. his tongue whirled around in my mouth as he ran his hands through my hair. i could tell that liam did not like this idea.
"look at them! nialls liking this." harry laughed controllably. the kiss became faster and faster, more passion was added. i had never had a kiss like this with liam. even though me and niall were good friends, i didnt think a friend would be able to kiss that well. the three minutes was up and niall immediately sat back down and took a swig of his beer, not looking at me at all. i remained back on my seat on liams lap and pecked him on the lips, reminding him that he is still mine and im still his. he flashed me a quick smile and stared disapprovingly at niall.
"babe whats wrong?" i whispered in his ear whilst the other boys were laughing about what had happened.
"dont give me that bullshit, did the kiss with niall annoy you?" i asked him, running my fingers up and down his cheek. he nodded and looked like a lost puppy.
"aww liam! i love you! it was only a dare." i smiled at him, kissing him hard.
"woo y/n, havent you had enough kissing for one day?" zayn laughed. i stuck my middle finger up behind me as i kissed liam, which caused three boys to giggle, except for one little irish boy. what was going on in the brain of niall?

"hey liam, i was thinking today. do you think niall was alright? he seemed a bit...uneasy?" i said to liam as i climbed into bed next to him, snuggling up close with my head on his chest as he wrapped his arm around my body. he kissed my head and shrugged.
"i dont know, maybe we should talk to him tomorrow" liam smiled at me, reaching over with his other arm at the lamp and turning it off. hours had past and i couldnt get to sleep. this whole thing with niall was annoying me for some reason. i decided to get up out of bed and go and see whats wrong. i climbed out and walked towards the bedroom door.
"where you going babe?" liam awoke and asked me, turning on the bed-side table lamp and rubbing his eyes. the duvet falling down revealing his topless chest. i bit my lip at the wonderful sight and had to think of a quick lie.
"im getting a glass of water. the heat is making me hot" i smiled at him. he nodded and turned the light off, lying back in bed. i walked down the hallway and stopped outside of nialls door. i pressed my ear against it lightly and heard the noise of a soft guitar being strummed. the moonlight was streaming through the window at the end of the hallway. it looked beautiful outside, the stars twinkling, pitch black sky. i turned the door handle and opened it. niall had his back to the door and was playing his guitar in only his underwear.
"niall?" i whispered. i walked in the room, making him jump up in fright. he put his guitar back in his stand and stared at me
"Jesus, y/n, you scared the fuck outta me" he laughed, holding his hand to his chest.
"sorry." i said, sitting down on his bed. i was aware that i was only in my little pajama shorts and a bra but it was a hot night. niall came and sat next to me on the bed, wondering why i was in his room at this time of night.
"why are you here?" he asked me.
"i wanted to talk to you. and why are you playing your guitar at this time of night?" i asked him. he shrugged his shoulders again.
"just felt like it. so what did you want to talk to me about?" he asked, picking up a random tennis ball from his floor and throwing it up in the air, catching it with the other hand.
"why you werent acting yourself this afternoon?"
"oh...i was just really tired, thats all." he replied, sighing and running his hand through his hair.
"oh ok. well if you want to talk to me about anything then, you know where i am" i smiled at him, getting up and walking out the room i could tell that he was staring at my bum as i walked out.
"night y/n" he said i as opened the door.
"night nialler. love you." i smiled at him.
"love you too" he replied, blowing me a kiss. i closed the door behind myself and pushed my back against it. sighing loudly. my heart was fluttering, i was getting feelings i had never felt before.
"i must be tired" i whispered to myself, walking back into mine and liams room and resuming my position next to him in bed.

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