The house of hades

My take on how the house of Hades should go.... its slightly confusing but bear with me.


1. the house of hades



"Dam thing" muttered Leo as the tail of his sort of pet metal dragon Festas fell off again for the third time that day. Since his discovery of all the lost scrolls of Archimedes he had been able to begin to repair Festas as well as fixing the ship, installing a top of the range sound system that could be heard from pretty much anywhere on the ship and fixing a variety of new defence mechanisms including one that coach Hedge suggested that played Mozart top volume automatically when the ship came under attack guarantying to doom all those Mozart hating monsters out there. (Coach had justified it by saying he was easily as terrifying as and monster and if he was scared by Mozart those monsters must be absolutely petrified of it) Leo didn't really understand the need for that particular contraption but the coach was so devastated about Percy and Annabeths current predicament that he thought it was the least he could do.

Not that Leo felt any better. It all seemed so unfair, they had won they had beaten Ephithaltes and Otis the twin giants obsessed with ballet and wiping out Rome in an entertaining way, found the Athena Pantheon and rescued it from an evil giant spider woman who wanted to kill Annabeth and make a beautiful tapestry out of it and made friends with Dionysus (or Mr D as Percy had called him…)

"No" Leo stopped his thoughts in there tracks and carefully set down Festas's tail spike. There he went again thinking about Percy and Annabeth in the past tense like they were already dead and buried when they weren't, Leo tried to reason with himself, and Hazel would have felt something if they were dead… or they would be struck down by a tidal wave sent by an incredibly angry Poseidon / Neptune. He still remembered Niko telling them that Percy and Annabeth had fallen into the maximum security prison of the underworld called Tartarus, he had been so tired he could only just get the words out before he collapsed onto the deck of the Argo II but the message was clear, Percy and Annabeth would have to make their own way to the doors of death and they were supposed to meet them there.

Not Good. And it's all my fault if only I hadn't…

An incredibly loud noise woke him from the trance his thoughts had created, he instinctively reached for his imperial gold knife that Jason had lent to him but relaxed as soon as he realised that it was just coach Hedge (with Piper supervising thankfully) discovering the joys of having a top of the range sound system at your command. Leo stopped what he was doing and listened. Coach's incredibly vital and important anointment went like this:

Coach: What….. (Confused gurgling noises)

Piper: No you don't eat it you talk into it like this..

Coach: I know, I know tasted horrible anyway… The cow says moo, the pig says oink, the goat says...

Piper: You said you had an important announcement!

Coach: oh yes well…

At that moment the piercing sound of Mozart droned out coach's incredibly important announcement.

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