The house of hades

My take on how the house of Hades should go.... its slightly confusing but bear with me.


2. Chapter two



Jason had been having a pretty good day on a magical flying boat listing to the only adult on board quote what noises various animals make whilst sharpening various weapons and mourning the almost certain death of two of his closest friends. Until the goat monster appeared.

One of the downsides to being the only son of the most powerful boings in all the universe is that everyone expects you to be brave and he was (mostly) but when a creature with the head of a lion, body of a goat and a snake for a tail complete with fully functioning mouth priority's tend to fly out the window.

"Agghh" he cried and dropped the weapons.

Piper, Leo and coach Hedge ran up on deck behind him while Hazel flew over the side of the ship on the back of a dragon that swiftly turned into frank dropping Hazel none to gracefully onto the deck. The 5 demigods and a Satyr created a loose semi-circle around the creature and stared. It looked genuinely horrifying like something you would expect in a nightmare or a horror film except both its faces bore an incredibly surprised look. It eventually pulled its self together and said in a expressionless tone "agghh, that's what they all say"

"I'm sorry" said Hazel shakily "who screamed?"

"Your friend here screamed" it continued when it spoke both mouths talked at once making it sound like it had a severe hangover. "They all screamed did you know I'm the first recorded animal with a lion's head, goat's body and a snake's tail? But I didn't get any worshipers just because I'm to ugly to have followers did you know my own mother through me into tartarus all I did was wipe out a few villages completely I mean what's the harm in…"

It disintegrated into dust with a surprised snort. Coach Hedge was stood in its place with his baseball bat raised.

"Oops" he said.

Piper turned to Jason "you screamed?"

"Yeah" he shuffled his feet uncomfortably " just startled me that's all" the truth was that Jason hadn't been feeling himself lately he felt like there was something watching the ship just waiting him just waiting for him to be at his weakest…. He had made an effort to be permanently ready for well whatever it was but being surprised by that monster had made him realise just how unprepared he was.

He gulped "guess I'm just a bit on edge today."




"Oops" said Percy as he accidently stabbed the lion/ snake/ goat monster thing that had cushend our fall into Tartarus. I looked at him in dismay

"He wasn't causing us any harm you didn't have to kill it"

"Yes but he's not in the godly version of fort Knox for nothing!"

I rolled my eyes in exasperation "Percy, Fort Knox isn't a prison."

"Oh yeah well what is it then?"

"Well…" that was when the monster reappeared.

"What?" Percy said in a panicked voice "has death been captured again I thought I just killed you!"

"No no deaths perfectly fine but I however am not" the drunk sounding monster said "I just got stabbed twice in one day! That has to be some kind of recorded…"

"Percy" I whispered into my idiot boyfriend's ear "after I stab him we run away from this spot as fast as we can."

He looked at me in confusion "why?"

I'll explain later just follow the plan please" then I stabbed the monster for the third time that day.

I leapt forwards hoping to get away from the spot as fast as I could, unfortunately I had forgotten I had a broken leg and only Percy catching me stopped me falling onto the ground.

"And I thought you were the smart one" He muttered dragging me along as fast as he could go. Not that fast as it turns out.

Since falling into Tartarus I hadn't really had a chance to look around but I did now. The landscape around us seemed to permanently shift and change like one moment there was a mountain up ahead of us and the next moment it was gone. The strange thing was that although the earth beneath our feet was moving we just kept staggering at our usual pace, it was very disorientating. The sky was full of shadow and fire- a mass of grey and orange twisting together in a single withering mass, quite pretty in a very un-pretty, scary way….

"The grounds moving!" puffed Percy- ever observant.

"Well done" I replied then I had a thought "Percy… why are you so out of breath you've ran for longer than this before?"

"Yes well the (pant) air didn't (pant) push back (pant) before!"

I didn't really understand what he meant but I didn't push for answers because Percy looked ready to collapse and around two minutes later he did."

We lay still on the ground for a while before seaweed brain broke the silence

"Soooo do you want to tell me why we ran away from snligoat?"

Typical, we fall into the underworld and he still insists on making up stupid names for everything.

"I don't really know, all I do know is that when we killed it it had to go somewhere else and when it got there something killed it and sent it back to the same spot so if we moved then we won't be in the spot."

My reasoning and logic was awful and had I been thinking strait I probably would of realised what was going on sooner but as it was there was nothing else I could think to say and if Percy thought my theory was of he didn't show it- just nodded pulled me close and fell asleep.

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