The house of hades

My take on how the house of Hades should go.... its slightly confusing but bear with me.


3. Chapter three



Hazel was worried. Normally once you had killed something it ether lay politely still on the ground or evaporated into a pile of dust. It did not normally reappear within three minutes of you killing it only to get hit with a baseball bat for the second time that day and disappear into another pile of dust, but hey everyone loves surprises right?

Actually as it turned out not everyone liked surprises or ones of those natures anyway. A sort of sinister silence settled on the boat after the monster was gone, affecting everyone except coach hedge who wondered below deck to watch who would win if… a ridicules TV show where some violence obsessed idiots pitted random animals against each other to fight to the death so for a while all anyone could hear was couch shouting things like go get im froggy! Or oh no you don't duck duck!

Hazel was fine with the silence though, it gave her time to think. Why would a monster come back from the dead? True a couple of months ago monsters did come back for a while but they had rescued death and put it all right again. Hadn't they?

It was Leo who eventually broke the silence.

"Soooooo who's up for dinner?"

The food at dinner was always really awesome because the ship was kitted out with these magic plate things that let you eat whatever you wanted today though Hazel's plate remained firmly empty based on the fact that she didn't particularly feel like eating anything.

Coach Hedge appeared in the doorway attempting to swagger but only succeeding in walking in circles after, a while he seemed to notice that his swagger wasn't working and continued moving in his normal fashion. Piper scowled at him as he sat down.

"How can you be so cheerful? Monsters have just started coming back from the dead again and you come in here doing a wonderful impression of a drunk round- about! Not to mention the fact that the program you were watching must break at least fifty animal rights laws!"

If coach was surprised by this outburst he didn't show it.

"Well my dear settle down and I shall tell you. Number one: monsters coming back from the dead mean more monsters to kill. Number 2: it is not a drunk round- about but is in fact a very accomplished and sophisticated swagger. (Hazel smirked at that) Number three: that program is awesome and number 4: its bed time kids and im really hungry."

Hazel doubted that she would be able to go to sleep but reasoned that it would be better to be in her room that in the middle of another blazing argument between coach hedge and piper about the quality of various television programs.

She was incredibly wrong.


Normally being a demi-god was great! You got a good camp, great food and awesome powers, the only drawback was that you didn't tend to sleep that well at night mainly due to the weird messages/ dreams that you tend to have…. Luckily for hazel they mostly kept themselves at bay for her preferring to bother Percy of one of the other mass Hero's but tonight the dreams had chosen to make on appearance. Oh great.

She was standing on a dark landscape that appeared to be moving under feet even though she didn't move at all, the sky was a dazzling combination of orange and grey that was actually quite pretty in an un-pretty sort of way.

But this didn't particularly hold her attention for that long because strait in front of her where Percy and Annabeth sleeping peacefully- or as peacefully as you could sleep in the depths of the underworld. Yes there alive! Was Hazels first thought soon to change though as she caught sight of a movement in the shadows behind them. As a result her next thought was oh ####!

She had expected there to be monsters down there in Tartarus and that they would be more horrible than the ones up on the surface but somehow she had thought they would all be locked up in cages or restrained in some way and it hadn't even crossed her mind that croought they would all be locked up in cages or restrained in some way there would be so many. There appeared to be a constant current of them passing surround her friends like some sort of river flowing around them but never stopping to kill the demi-gods , probably because they were in the land of the dead anyway so there really wasn't much point in killing them.

However one monster soon decided to break the peaceful trend, the two demigods hazel desperately cast around in her mind for the name of the monster a minatory yes that was it, probably hoping to get an easy kill of the two teenagers. Unfortunately it hadn't been banking that they would be extremely highly trained in the art of not sleeping well (the harpies had seen to that) so where only in a very light state of sleep.

Percy woke up just in time to parry the blow of the ax and after stating 'you again?' accusingly pierced it with the growing sowed crumbling it to dust.

Hazel woke up to the sound of Mozart playing on full volume.


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