The house of hades

My take on how the house of Hades should go.... its slightly confusing but bear with me.


4. chapter four


'I don't know why you're so worried, it's not like we didn't expect something to attack us.'

'Yes but….'

'But nothing just because it was your first monster doesn't mean it's any worse than the rest' pause 'or was at any rate.'

Percy and Annabeth where half walking half stumbling through Tartars (that was Percy's new, and stupidly upbeat, name for the ultimate underworld). They had been there for two days now and Annabeths leg (much to the relief of Percy who had had to carry her ) had healed so that he could walk.

'I just' started Percy before stopping to search his vocabulary for the right words 'where do they go? For all we know it could reappear right in front of us or behind us or…..'

'for gods sakes Percy nothing is going to happen to us well… nothing involving than particular monster and any way it will probably just go to another super hell.'

'Oh yes' said Percy wildly waving his arms as if talking to an audience 'and may I ask if we are going to fall into that one as well? Oh no wait after that I bet there's a super ultra-hell and then after that…' he was shut up because annabeth had hit him in the face.


'Shut up'

'Couldn't you of said that before you hit me?'



'Don't you get it?'

'Get what?' moaned Percy rubbing his jaw.

'Where the monsters go'

'If I knew where they went I wouldn't be depressed.'

'Ahhh that makes scene'


'Anyway the monsters… I think I've figured it out!'

'Oh do share' Percy said lowering his hand from his face that was now turning slightly bruised.

'The monsters originally get killed up in the world of the living right?'

Percy was about to say yup or something along those lines but soon thought better of it, one of the first three things he had learnt about his girlfriend where: Bring chocolate without the flowers, don't mention spiders and never interrupt a thought process- if you value your life that is.

Annabeth continued unhindered by and interruption from Percy.

'And here is exactly the opposite of there so that's how it must work the monster gets cursed right down to its megalivitus core and then…'

Percy was now completely lost.

'…. It's all just one unbroken circle and one object will be the centre of their preference therefor…'

He was also getting slightly bored.

'….. There in danger when they have it but can't get rid of it and only one who has bared the curse of...'

Scratch that, very bored.

'…. In short I need to stab you.'

Realising that she was done confusing him Percy decided to be constructive and add to this convocation.

'I'm confused dumb it down please.'

'(sigh) if you kill a monster on the surface down here it will come down here but if you kill it here it will go back up to the surface and once it is on the surface it will chase after the object it wants, the Athena Parthenon, which it currently strapped to the Argo 2 . But we can warn them as we've already been here it's in stuck in our memory's so if we die here we will return to the surface and if we die on the surface we will come back here.' She started gasping for breath.

'So in short we have to die.'

'Mm hmm'

'Well ####'


All crew of the Argo II

"How dare you? Have you no respect for animals?!"

"I don't know should I?!"

"You tell me you're the ####ing goat man!"

"At least I watch nature programs!"

"Oh really? Well thank goodness for that all praise shows that promote animal slaughter!"

Around the table four demi-gods shuffled awkwardly and developed a new interest in the table cloth. Piper and coach H had been arguing for days about Hedges choice of TV program and it looked like now was the time for the final show-down.

" I just can't believe that a creature who claims to love nature as much as you would watch stuff like that! And further more you enjoy it!"


"Don't try and deny it I here you cheering for duck!"

"Now I have heard some despicable things in my lifetime but to talk about duck duck in that manner!"

"That's it I have had it up to here with you and your…"

At that moment there was a huge crash at the door as if someone or something had had the thought to through themselves at it, the argument broke of with almost startling speed to be replaced with silence.

"How did it get past the alarm" whispered Hazel

"No idea" replied Leo.

It is amazing, reflected Leo later, how audible a small click signalling the opening of a door can be, though it seemed rather insignificant when Annabeth burst into the room, sobbing all the way.

"Annabeth!" shouted Hazel happily then slightly less optimistically "wares P…. oh gods I am so sorry honestly I didn't know that…"

Annabeth broke of her howls just long enough to stammer "Well now you do… he's gone!" and with that she collapsed on the floor again.

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