The house of hades

My take on how the house of Hades should go.... its slightly confusing but bear with me.


5. chapter 5


Percy woke to noise, lots and lots of it.

He opened his eyes to a sea of blobs standing over him waving stuff in his face.

“Where did he come from?”

 “I don’t know!”

“Well someone must of seen him surly!”

Percy blinked and the blobs swam into focus, they were in fact lots of people some of them were waving tissues in his face but most were waving leaflets. He pushed them aside as he sat up and looked around for Anabeth, she wasn’t there, he did however notice one thing he recognised…  big ben.

“ok…. I’m in England.”

“He’s an American!” the pamphlet wavers shouted abruptly switched to leaflets about various fast food chains. Percy looked around in confusion. So, he thought, I’m in England but there are no top hats, no rolling fields and no Annabeth. Uh oh.

“ O.K out of his way let’s give him some space now!”

“Yeah I’m sure the fast food industry will survive without him!”

Sighing the add people moved off to find their next victim and he found himself being pulled to his feet by to girls of around 13ish years of age. One was slightly shorter than the other with blond hair and shockingly blue extensions, the other was taller, nearly as tall as Percy and also had blond hair, except hers was slightly towards ginger.


“Witty first comment I must say” said the extension one.

Oh shut up Lottie is this the guy?” the tall one.

“Yep… or he better be”

Percy really hoped he was “ the guy”

“Well?” said tall


“Are you a demi-god? Gods your stupid!”

They both looked at him expectantly.

“umm yeah, I guess…”

“come on then” they haled him up dragging him through the streets until Percy decided that now would probably be a good time to stand up, he did.

“uuummm who are you? I mean thanks from saving me from evil pamphlet people but uhh..”

“I’ve got a great idea!” said extensions “let’s go to MacDonald’s”

The other girl looked over her shoulder quickly “yes lets.”

So that was how Percy Jackson found himself sitting in a strange country in a strange city on a strange chair with two even stranger girls sitting across from him fighting over chips. Eventually they seemed to notice that he was still there and stopped their fight to talk to him.

“Yolo” said extensions “I’m Lottie Domonighe Gabrielle but everyone just calls me Lottie.”

“Yeah because it’s your name” the not Lottie sighed and rolled her eyes, “I’m Ella and you don’t really need to know my full name. My godly parents the forge one you know ohh come on I know you know…. Tell me.. Oh no fair ah I know its Hephaestus! Yup Hephaestus!”

She looked at him with a proud expression. “can never remember that.”

Percy coughed awquardly “ugh yeah so anyway what you doing here I was told there weren’t demi gods in England or barely any. Aren’t they normally closer to Olympus to be claimed?”

“Well,” Lottie squirmed uncomfortably “I haven’t been claimed, I’m only here coz my mum thinks I’m crazy for believing in Greek gods and such. I’ve been through 6 psychopath dumps already.”

“And I was claimed when I was two and went to America also we don’t actually live in London. See Lottie here had a hunch that a powerful demi-god would be appearing soon so we ditched school to come get you and we really should be getting back now.” She smiled and stood up followed by Lottie stuffing her last few fry’s in her mouth. Percy noticed with astonishment that they had finished their food it the grand time of 10 minutes despite talking through most of it.

He cast a long sad look at his left over food as he stood up and followed them to the train station.


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