The Life and Lies of Me

My name is Esme. Ever since my parents died in a car crash, my sister is the closest person I've got...even though she hates me. Love is in the air for a while. A diary is the best part of my life right now. It's amazing what just letting go of your emotions really does to you.
I live with my Aunt Mira who has a grudge against me, godness knows why. After stealing her diary, I can find out my aunt's secrets too. I miss my old friend, but will a new boyfriend make things better... and will the love last? I just want to know the secrets of the past, and the secrets of my mum and my aunt - the twins that never got on.

With secrets, lies and the twists and turns of life, Esme will discover the mysteries that you don't even find in stories.


25. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Or Not?

Monday 17th December

Love can lie sometimes. So does life itself, I guess. I’m glad that now I know the truth. The real truth, the whole truth. Aiden never loved Carly. He loved me. I knew that Aiden would do the right thing.

“Esme, we need to talk.” Aiden approached me before school started, at 8:25am. I followed him and we sat on the bench under the trees.

“Look, you need to know the truth. I mean, you have the right, as it is about you. I have always liked you. Even when I dumped you, I still loved you. It’s just that, well… my friends didn’t approve of me dating you. I told them to get over it, but they got together and made a decision. They decided that if I was going to continue to go out with you, they wouldn’t be my friend. Rowan told me that if I wanted to still be his friend, I’d have to break your heart. And I apologize. I was wrong, and it only took me a while to realise that I had made the greatest mistake of my life. I wanted to go back for you, but… I just couldn’t. I really like you, Esme.” My heart was thumping for the duration of this beautiful speech. I could only stutter my words.

“What about Carly?” I asked him.

“Carly…Carly who?” He innocently said, and I giggled and wrapped my arms around his body. He really was my true love. Oh God, this does sound cheesy. Might as well be watching High School Musical!

I’m glad that Aiden told me the truth, or I would probably never have got back together with him. He sacrificed a lot – His friends. It’s a strong thing, the power of love…Damn it, I should be a poet! Come on, Esme, shut it with the Shakespeare nonsense! It’s giving me a headache!

But I am serious. I’m not even sure that I could give up Ashleigh-Rose for Aiden. I wouldn’t be able to choose. Aiden is such an amazing guy. I am so lucky.

The lies in my life seem to have been cleared, gone, washed away, wiped out. I am with Aiden in my world. My happy, free, glorious world.

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