The Life and Lies of Me

My name is Esme. Ever since my parents died in a car crash, my sister is the closest person I've got...even though she hates me. Love is in the air for a while. A diary is the best part of my life right now. It's amazing what just letting go of your emotions really does to you.
I live with my Aunt Mira who has a grudge against me, godness knows why. After stealing her diary, I can find out my aunt's secrets too. I miss my old friend, but will a new boyfriend make things better... and will the love last? I just want to know the secrets of the past, and the secrets of my mum and my aunt - the twins that never got on.

With secrets, lies and the twists and turns of life, Esme will discover the mysteries that you don't even find in stories.


1. The past is only too far away

I am Esme. My life is complicated. I have a younger sister, Mollie. Home is bad enough, even without school messing up my life. It’s difficult to explain… my parents died in a car crash last year, and ever since, my sister and I have been under the care of our Aunt Mira. She’s rich, beautiful and lives in a huge house – I should be happy…well, maybe not happy, but satisfied – contented, at least.

The problem is…well, she hates me. My aunt pretends to adore me, but I can see it in her eyes. Behind the strange mist of blue, I can sense the uncertainty, the hate, the disgust… I reckon it’s something to do with her past. I’m clever, you know. I just get these gut feelings, and I notice things. I’m observant, too. But right now, that’s the least of my worries. My Aunt Mira has a problem, and quite frankly, I don’t think that problem will go away for a long time. Oh, I wish I could read her mind.

Before my mum…you know, left me… I remember what she said, before she got in the car to go away with my dad for the weekend.

“I’ll miss you, mum!” I whispered, hugging her tightly, not wanting to let her go. I’d never been away from her before.

“Hey, don’t worry, darling! I’ll miss you very much, too…but don’t forget, it’s only a weekend. I’ll see you on Monday, I promise. You know, maybe you should write a diary… you know, to record all your thoughts, emotions, everything that happens while I’m gone. That might distract you from missing us. Love you, Esme.” Mum had said, tears falling down her pale, delicate face from the mesmerising eyes. She hated me being upset as much as I despised watching her suffer.

I had ignored her idea, thinking that it would only make me feel worse. But I kept the suggestion in my mind.


Of course, mum broke her promise. I know that she couldn’t really help it, but she has never broken a promise. I hate Mondays.


But now, after some thoughts, I realise that maybe a diary isn’t such a lame idea…maybe, just maybe, it will bring me closer to my past.

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