The Life and Lies of Me

My name is Esme. Ever since my parents died in a car crash, my sister is the closest person I've got...even though she hates me. Love is in the air for a while. A diary is the best part of my life right now. It's amazing what just letting go of your emotions really does to you.
I live with my Aunt Mira who has a grudge against me, godness knows why. After stealing her diary, I can find out my aunt's secrets too. I miss my old friend, but will a new boyfriend make things better... and will the love last? I just want to know the secrets of the past, and the secrets of my mum and my aunt - the twins that never got on.

With secrets, lies and the twists and turns of life, Esme will discover the mysteries that you don't even find in stories.


31. The last page

Saturday 12th January

I am thirteen now. It is my birthday. I feel more grown up, more mature, more… ladylike. My present was perfect. Too perfect, if that makes sense. Which it doesn’t. Because if something is too perfect than it isn’t perfect…No, lost my train of thought.


I got a puppy. Aunt Mira actually bought me a puppy! I didn’t realise that there was such an amount of goodwill inside my aunt. She had told me, “I suppose that you have already read the entries in mine and Kate’s diaries on our thirteenth birthdays. I thought you’d appreciate a similar gift – just to show that I’m not totally heartless.”

I have a puppy. Her name is Mia. The name is similar to Millie, my mum’s dog that she got on her thirteenth birthday. I still can’t believe that Aunt Mira bought me the same gift that Kate got for her thirteenth birthday. Somehow it’s bringing me closer her, not sure why. But today is the final day I will write in this diary, for it is the last page in my notebook. This may sound like a very lame excuse, but if I write in a different notebook than it won’t be the same. Besides, I think I have enough to look back on when I’m older. I will treasure this diary for the rest of my life, knowing that it is part of me and maybe changed my life when I was a twelve year old. But for now, I am an open book, an open diary and I am the truth. No longer will I be crushed by lies; I will have a major opportunity to live my life to the full, as Esme Daniella Corbett – As me, myself. No one will stop me, because I am a stronger human being after a tough year at Secondary school.


But I will write about one last thing before I say my farewells to my diary, which has become a very dominant part of me. I will write about Mia, like Mira and Kate did about Millie. She is such a sweet puppy, she is a chocolate Labrador. Her brown furry coat is so shiny, she is the cutest puppy ever. I used to think that no one could ever replace my little West Highland Terrier dog Sammy, but Mia seems to have filled in a hole in my heart. She is something that I can love with all my heart, something to play and work with, something that will amuse me continuously… and also something that can love me unconditionally.


Goodbye. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the ins and outs of my life, the lies that have been twined in but most importantly, the love that I share with my family, friends and boyfriend. You’ve been there when I needed it, for some kind of support which I can’t even describe, let alone put my finger on. But I can manage for the rest of my life. I am surrounded by those that love me, and I am finally happy. Until we meet again, diary. I’ll see you in years to come – Keep it real! Best wishes,

Esme Daniella Corbett


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