The Life and Lies of Me

My name is Esme. Ever since my parents died in a car crash, my sister is the closest person I've got...even though she hates me. Love is in the air for a while. A diary is the best part of my life right now. It's amazing what just letting go of your emotions really does to you.
I live with my Aunt Mira who has a grudge against me, godness knows why. After stealing her diary, I can find out my aunt's secrets too. I miss my old friend, but will a new boyfriend make things better... and will the love last? I just want to know the secrets of the past, and the secrets of my mum and my aunt - the twins that never got on.

With secrets, lies and the twists and turns of life, Esme will discover the mysteries that you don't even find in stories.


22. Mollie and I

Friday 14th November

I wish I was not so unlucky. I seem to drive all my friends away. At least I have Mollie. She may hate my guts right now, but she knows me pretty well, and, at least she’s someone. That’s one more person that I can love, even if she doesn’t particularly love me back.

It’s starting to feel Christmassy. The weather has plummeted to beyond zero, Mollie has written her Christmas list. She knows Aunt Mira will buy her anything she wants, so she took advantage of that.

Mollie’s List:

iPad 3 Kindle Paperwhite iPad Dock Blackberry Giant chocolate bar Ballet Pointe Shoes Make up box full of make up World peace

World Peace? What the? Anyways, I won’t be surprised if she does get all those things. Why is Mollie such a stuck-up brat? My Christmas list isn’t so exciting!

Esme’s List:

Turquoise Pencil case Fountain Pen Twilight books Waterproof Mascara A TV for my room

To be honest, I don’t really want the TV, but otherwise Mollie would boast that she had more presents than me. I don’t really care, but her voice just annoys me and I want to escape that.

Things between Mollie and I are improving, though. Today, she gave me a hug and whispered, “I’m glad you’re my sister. I love you.” That was sweet. So we played her favourite game – 40 40 in. Aunt Mira’s house was big, we had fun. I think it helped her get over her hiding fear after the ‘supermarket thing’.

I’m glad Mollie and I have made up. I’ve loved her all along, really. I've just needed an opportunity to show it. She’s my sister and she loves me. She’s my sister and I love her. We can make our mum proud, we can get over the stupid arguments and taunting. We can appreciate one another and not take advantage of life’s gift of a sister.

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