The Life and Lies of Me

My name is Esme. Ever since my parents died in a car crash, my sister is the closest person I've got...even though she hates me. Love is in the air for a while. A diary is the best part of my life right now. It's amazing what just letting go of your emotions really does to you.
I live with my Aunt Mira who has a grudge against me, godness knows why. After stealing her diary, I can find out my aunt's secrets too. I miss my old friend, but will a new boyfriend make things better... and will the love last? I just want to know the secrets of the past, and the secrets of my mum and my aunt - the twins that never got on.

With secrets, lies and the twists and turns of life, Esme will discover the mysteries that you don't even find in stories.


7. I've come to a Conclusion

Saturday 16th November

Hi, it’s me again. As you can probably guess, I have read more of Aunt Mira’s diary. However, to stop myself from overloading my brain, I am only going to read 1 entry per day, you know, as if she’d only just written it. It’s almost impossible to resist the temptation, but she might catch me if I read it for too long, and I certainly don’t want that to happen.

One thing that really got to me, though, is the date of her first entry. Monday 12th November 1989. After flicking back through this scruffy old notebook, I have realised that I started this diary on that exact same day, 23 years later. Now, I think I realise why Aunt Mira has a grudge against me.


I feel as if I should hate anyone like you. She had said. I am like my mum, Kate. I am exactly like my mum. I can’t say anything to Aunt Mira, though. Because then, she would find out. And that can’t happen. I would die if that happened. She would ground me for my entire life, probably. She would yell until the teardrops rolled from my passionate eyes.

At least I know. In a way, I sympathise. It’s a shame. At least Aunt Mira has a decent reason, I’m sure I would be the same. Well, if that’s the way she wants it… I will try to be like both my mum AND my aunt.

Things are still alright at school, I guess. Not much has happened since Aiden asked me out. He has been acting awkward around me when his friends were watching. His friends seemed very patronizing, like they were waiting for him to do something in particular.

Never mind – I have Aiden and that’s all I care about.

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