Underestimated Bella

Bella loves adventure but that was before she realised her hidden power


2. Chapter2

The house was busy and it was time to go to school. Aunt Alice cooked Bella breakfast and Uncle Paul got ready for work. Butterfly’s formed in Bella’s tummy, she was nervous. She slung her school bag over her shoulder and left the house. It was her first day at Dark Minster secondary school who knows what she would do. Knowing Bella, and her past, she would probably embarrass herself and find herself without any friends.

A strange pain in her leg grew and Bella found it hard to walk. Every step closer to school felt like a mile closer to the end of the earth. Finally she arrived at the silver polished gates. She felt her cheeks going bright red as she saw people staring and gawping at her. Whether that was because of her magenta coloured face or the fact that she was different was never to be found out because the bell rang immediately. Quickly she scampered over the playground (if you could call it that) and next to the large rectangular building. It was that minute that Bella found her teacher, friends and enemies that she would encounter this coming year. About 36 teachers lined up at the head of the building all holding folders and sheets of white paper, however only 5 of them were going to be teaching the new year 7’s.

A slim blonde haired woman with a beautiful smile and an emerald green ring stood at the far right. Bella dreamt of the days she could have with this teacher and how she could make school so much more enjoyable.

In the crowd Bella’s eyes fixed upon Ralf, the annoying nerd from over the fence. Ralf was standing next to a man with dark hair and glasses; he was excitedly peering over his shoulder trying to see if he was on the class list.

Beside Ralf and the male teacher was another woman who wore a kind, innocent expression, she wasn’t as pretty as the first teacher but looked friendly. Bella began to grow impatient, darting her head left and right every time a teacher moved their mouth.

Next was a stern faced woman who glared at everything in her vision. She wore a tight suit and a pair of boots that were obviously too small for her. Bella screwed her face up at the thought of having her as a form teacher.

Finally came a man who was rather plump and grumpy looking. His hair flopped in front of his face that wore a grim expression.

Blowing a whistle, the whole school turned to look at the source of the noise than fell silent. Bella felt extremely apprehensive, scanning the crowd for any clues as to which students she would like as classmates. First the beautiful year 7 teacher with the emerald green ring read out her list, “Justin, Max, Olivia, Frankie…” but no Bella. Her heart sank and her eyes drooped as the class walked away chatting excitedly as they followed their new glamorous form teacher.

The male teacher with Ralf practically on top of him, was about to read out his list. Maybe there was some hope. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad if Bella was put in his class. “Isaac, Lily, Rebecca,” Bella waited tensely listening out carefully for her name, “Joseph, Iva,” Although Bella’s name was not read out. Suddenly a figure sprung up in delight. What a surprise Ralf was in.

Her hope had failed. Bella was feeling bewildered and so hopeless when, “Jack, Bella, Ruby..” she glanced up at the sound of her name realising that she was in Mrs Jenkins class, the third register to be read out. Bella followed the line up into the tall building and bumped into a girl; with fair hair, “Oh, sorry,” Bella exclaimed.

“It’s ok!” replied a bright eyed cheerful girl. “I’m Ruby. Ruby Young,” She said.

“I’m Bella,” she added quickly. Then realised how foreign she sounded with her strong American accent in a posh British academy. “I moved here from the US only a few days ago,” Bella said recovering herself. “Well do you want to hang out some time? I’m new too you see, My dad switched jobs in the holidays so we moved nearer it. Meaning all my Primary school friends are living about 30 miles away!”

“Sure, it will be good to know at least someone,” Bella said realising how much she already like Ruby and assembled into the classroom.


The whole class were deep in conversation by now, whether it was making new friends or chatting with old ones about the summer holidays. Mrs Jenkins soon put a stop to it though; “Settle down class,” She said in a roaring thundering voice. She had a slight Scottish accent as if she had lived there for the best part of her childhood then moved down south to teach. “It’s good to see that you’re all so excited about being in my class but let’s not waste time,” she said with a hint of sarcasm. Immediately the class felt silent, instantly realising that when Mrs Jenkins means stop, listen or quiet you do it! Bella found herself sitting on a chair beside Ruby. Both of them had their books out ready but Mrs Jenkins started to introduce herself to the class in a more calm and sophisticated manor talking about what “fun” they would have. Bella wasn’t so sure and she could tell Ruby also doubted it by the look on her face, her eye brows were half off her head. Never the less they sat listening to Mrs Jenkins in silence.


“Children, please get into the partners I have put you with,” she bellowed displaying a list in her right hand. Immediately the class flew over, pushing and shoving to get to the front and see who they were with. “These shall be your partners for the whole term so try to get along with them.” Ruby walked back stunned her face a fixed look of dread, she had been put with a buy named bill who was the chav of the class. His trousers hanging down half way across his bum.  When she stepped forward I read “Bella and Jack” The problem was that she didn’t know anyone other than Ruby and had no idea who jack was until a boy behind me read out loud, “Bella and Jack. So I’m with Bella” He looked around the class room puzzled as if he was trying to work which girl was Bella. To make this easier for him Bella approached him saying, “Hey, you must be Jack, I’m Bella. She held her hand out as if to greet him formally as one of her old friends said to do when you meet someone for the first time, especially a boy,” He just looked at me as if trying to supress a laugh and didn’t shake my hand, “come on then he said,” leading me to the last desk available. Bella started to work on the project straight away. “This is a partner project,” Jack said in an uplifted sort of way almost laughing, “don’t do it all without me!”

“Oh umm…. I’m sorry,” Bella said sheepishly.

“It’s ok, I was only joking. No need to look so alarmed,” He now turned to me his emerald eyes staring at me. His beautiful blonde hair flicked at an angle. His natural fitness was so incredulous. “So your Bella?”

“Umm yeah,” Bella said awkwardly.

“So tell me something about yourself, what do you like to do?” He asked. “Don’t be shy,” He said seeing that Bella was uncomfortable, “I don’t bite,” and then he bared his teeth like a monster. Bella began to giggle; this did not help as Mrs Jenkins looked up from her desk. The spot they sat in was the last one left because it was right in front of her desk. This embarrassed Bella and she got back to work quickly. But Jack wasn’t satisfied, he hadn’t got his answer. She blushed noticing his fixed stare, those emerald eyes so mysterious and engrossing. “Ok,” Bella said now in a whisper, “I like animals, I use to live in America, I quite like sport,” Now it was Jack’s turn, “Same, I like sport-particularly football, I like skateboarding and I like American girls called Bella.” He winked at her and gave her a mischievous smile. Bella sat open mouthed at his comment, almost short for words.


Throughout the next hour they sat perfectly normally getting on with their work without saying another word to one another. At the end of the lesson after checking Jack was out of sight Bella ran up to Ruby, “ OMG Ruby, you’ll never guess what Jack said,” before giving Ruby a chance to reply Bella blurted out, “ After asking me a bit about myself and what I liked me told me that he liked football, skateboarding and wait….” Bella paused for dramatic affects, “He told me that he like American girls called Bella!” Ruby’s eyes were wide staring at me in disbelief. “Do you think, do you think?” By now Bella was talking so rapidly that she was almost stumbling over her words, “Well I’m not sure if it meant anything but…” Ruby interrupted Bella, “of course it meant something,” she said enviously. “But remember Bella, It’s only your first day there’s tonnes of guys here, make sure you chose the right one! Then they parted at the gate and walked off home in opposite directions.



~~On reaching the house, Bella discovered the door was locked so ran round the back almost tripping over Lucian the cat in her haste. She fumbled around the plant pots looking for a spare key and patrolled the perimeter in search for an open window but as she suspected, her Aunt and Uncle were hot on security and there was no means of entry. The garden was extensive and lined with flower beds kept in pristine condition. At the end were two fur trees blowing in the wind side by side. Observations lead Bella to interpret them as her stood beside her taller friend Rachael, the friend who she’d left, abandoned hundreds of miles across the Atlantic. All of a sudden Bella felt a longing to be back in her old house with the familiar scent of lilies penetrating her nostrils and her dog Millie who would curl up next to her loyally, knowing that she always had someone to turn to. The knowledge that she was surrounded by people who loved her was gone here and her prospects of surviving in the UK felt slim.
Bella shivered obnoxiously bringing herself back to reality. Ralf was smiling at her from behind the fence, causing her to sigh a little too heavily, his arm outstretched. This was when Bella realised he was offering her the spare key, “We keep a spare one just in case there is an emergency. Mum didn’t actually list this as an event in which I should use it,” Ralf furrowed his brow before continuing, “but it seems you’re locked out and well, it would be silly not to lend it to you so…” He tried to reach further insisting that she took it. Bella ran over so he could release his grip in fear that he would lean too far ending up falling and creating a real emergency. The bolt had clicked signalling her success in finally unlocking the door, when she remembered, “Thanks,” before darting up to her room where she remained that evening.

“Come down girl,” Aunt Alice repeated for what must have been the sixth time.
“I’m not hungry,” Bella replied in a slightly too stroppy manner for Aunt Alice to accept.
“It’s been you’re first day at school, I understand, you might not want to talk to us about it but for heaven’s sake put something in your stomach- you’ll starve!” Bella opened the door this time and called down the hall way to her Aunt.
“School was fine. I made a new friend. Her name is Ruby. But I said,” now Bella was shouting, “I DON’T WANT ANYTHING TO EAT!”

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