Harry Potter-Is the dark lord really dead?

Although Harry is an adult he is still curious for adventure. As the dark lord returns it is a race against time to defeat him and the final horcrux.


3. The wedding Party

Ginny and Harry were retreating to their beds after a long day at work. It turns out that shortly after they had left the café during their break earlier on that day there was an outbreak of House elves rebelling against work, which was very unusual and drew them a big audience. They were also unusually violent and began to smash the shop windows in order to be set free. There had been a rumour about that café, it has been said for some time now that the owner had gone a bit loopy, he was under a curse causing him to put the elves through some obscure lengths like making them work all through the night and giving them little food to survive on, “It’s no wonder that they put up a stand,” said harry who had always had a soft spot for the house elves after becoming such good friends with Dobby. Ginny stuck up another poster of the Holyhead Harpies from a previous interview that day. She used to play for the team but resigned after having children, now working for the daily prophet writing about the teams successes. “Do you think little Albus will make the Gryffindor team?” said Ginny.

“Well if he has inherited any of his mother’s genes then he’s got a great chance.” Ginny laughed modestly at Harry’s reply and got into bed, pulling the covers over her head and burying her head into Harry’s shoulder.

It was the weekend and Harry and Ginny weren’t working. That afternoon they would be attending a party, it was George Weasly’s fifteenth wedding anniversary and knowing Molly Weasly it had to be celebrated. He was married to a slightly crazy woman who reminded him of Tonks. She had mad bushy hair that was dyed red looked as if she had been electrocuted. She had a marvellous sense of humour and played more pranks on George than he ever did on Fred. She helps run the joke shop which is where she first met him after picking up a fanged Frisbee that hurled itself at her later to be retrieved by George who after taking one look at her realised she was the woman for him.

Although the two of them would be arriving early to help set up as promised to the frantic Mrs Weasly they had a majority of the morning to themselves at home. Harry got out of bed and poured Ginny and himself a cup of butterbeer, they sat at the table eating breakfast when rusty Ginny’s owl flew in carrying the Daily Prophet. Harry Reached across the table to pick it up as Ginny fed Rusty some of her toast. “I thought it was all over?” Harry said in a whisper. His face remained expressionless from the shock of reading the headline. Ginny’s hands gently wrapped themselves round Harry’s loosening his grip around the paper until it fell in to her grasp. “Death eater attack on Malfoy Manor” Ginny read, “but this doesn’t make sense. It’s been 19 years since the dark lord perished. Why now?” Harry stood up abruptly and left the room his heart pounding in his chest as he tried to solve the puzzle. He left the cottage door open as he stormed out to a bench overlooking the sea. Ginny closed the door behind him and remained inside, she knew he’d gone out there to think- to think alone. This is where he often went in need of space, but this time Ginny was nervous, what if Harry was thinking- thinking up a plan?


“Easy there…”
“Move it to the right a bit…”

George was shouting instructions as they tried to move a huge marque into place, Hermione had turned up unannounced to give a helping hand and was now advising George on how to create as much room in the marque as possible by using a charm. Therefore when Harry entered the tent he was astonished to see it was the same size as a Quidditch pitch on the inside. This reminded him of the time he went camping with the Weasly’s as a teenager before the world cup. He had stayed in a tent merely bigger than a garden shed on the outside. Hovering Lanterns lit the tent and giant sized mushroom tables were decorated with gismos from Weasly’s Wizards Wheezes, Harry spotted a bowl of exploding bon bons forcing him to smile as he relived the memory of when Fred and George had tricked Him during his first year. They had told him that they tasted of the muggle sweets, he was in the hospital wing for a week recovering from a nasty burn on his pallet. “Are you ready darling?” Ginny had quietly made her way beside Harry gently pulling him towards the exit door. They went into the house meeting Aliza at the entrance, “doesn’t my wife look wonderful?” Now Geroge had appeared, “If only Fred could have been here, he owed me a 80 galleons, said if I ever got married he’d be so surprise he’d buy me the whole of honeydukes. And here I am, celebrating my marriage of 15 years!”

Aliza laughed at this and kissed him fondly, “I think you look lovely,” Hermione said uncertainly. “Really?” Aliza sounded disappointed at this. “I wanted to look silly and different, not lovely.”

“You don’t have to lie to Aliza, Hermione, she didn’t want to come looking lovely, it’s the last thing she wants,” said Ron who had just appeared and place his arm around Hermione, he felt Hermione relax a bit more at this. “She’s just like George, wants a bit of a laugh at a public occasion. At least she doesn’t booby trap the toilet though.”

“Ron, wearing a suit I see, can’t remember the last time I saw you in one of them,” This was the first time Harry had spoken. Ron did a twirl for them, “pretty neat if you ask me?” he said proudly. “Believe me it was hard persuading him to…” Hermione was cut off as Mrs Weasly bustled in. What are you lot doing standing around chatting when there’s still work to do? Harry, Ginny upstairs get changed and ready. Ron, Hermione help me with the food and Bill.” Mrs Weasly was calling to her Eldest son currently walking behind them all with a big box. “What are you doing, we could to with some decorations on the outside, once you’re done get on to that.” She was talking extremely fast and didn’t wait for a reply, “George and Aliza go upstairs…” she was cut off, Aliza darling tell me that what you’re wearing is just temporary and you will change before the guests arrive?” The expression on Mrs Weasly’s face was so intimidating everyone was surprised to hear Aliza’s answer, “Oh no, George and I decided this is my outfit for tonight. I’ll be wearing it all evening.” It took Mrs Weasly so much effort to restrain herself, instead she calmly said, “I’m not sure that it’s appropriate to wear florescent green tights and a glow in the dark expanding top to your wedding anniversary party not to mention that you have put your hair in high pigtails and are wearing yellow boots on your feet.” This made everyone laugh,

“Mum this is Aliza we’re talking about.” Ron said in between splutters. An expanding top is one that George invented and is sold for 12 galleons in Weasly’s Wizard Wheezes and as the name suggests gets 5 centimetres large each minute until it pops. “Don’t worry,” Aliza said, “I’ve got a spare one just in case it pops before the end of the wedding party.” At that she skipped off Happy as a house elf. “Oh no not another mad one in the family, don’t know how I will cope having another one like George” Mrs Weasly said half frustrated half laughing. “I love her, I really do!” George said before following her.

“You lot, get to work, only 2 and a half hours until the wedding. We’re never going to be ready in time!”  Mrs Weasly bustled off signalling us to move into the marquee to help with decorations.

“You know sometimes I think she can be as bad as him. Aliza that is. I think, like George, she deliberately winds mum up. A good person though just doesn’t know how to be serious.” Ron said meaningfully. “It’s helped George though-having a friend. Helps him to take his mind off of Fred.”

Harry knew how close the two of them had been and therefore understood what Ron had said, but he was soon distracted from his thoughts when the gramophone amplified and he turned round to see Aliza changing the peaceful piano track to “do the hippogriff” by the Weird Sisters. Despite their name all eight members were male and their deep voices amplified around the marquee. The forward and backward motion, along with the hip and wrist rotation was part of the routine well known to every witch and Wizard. This made it only compulsory that Harry put down his things and joined Aliza on the dance floor. About halfway through the song when the bag pipes started playing Ron, Bill and Charlie also joined in, Ron’s two eldest brothers had already changed into their outfits for the wedding, and even Harry would admit they were looking handsome in long dark robes and even a tie to finish it off. Both of them were already married so were put in charge of the organisation this was apparently due to their experience, however Harry was sure this was just an excuse from Mrs Weasly to get them out the house.


Some time later Harry re-entered and found the marquee in quite a different state from which he had left it. Glimmering lanterns were hung all around and a glimmering gold chandelier hung in the centre of the room. The music was back to normal and there was an easy murmuring tone of re-uniting between long forgotten relatives. This was quite out of the ordinary, not just for George but the whole Weasly family. As far as Harry could see there were no signs of chaos at all…

Maybe harry has spoken too quickly because there was a sudden scream as a Mildred Weasly (Georges Grandmother)clung to her tongue in horror. Harry felt an over powering urge to laugh and in his efforts to supress it let out a loud snort. Once before when he was living at privet drive with his uncle aunt and cousin Dudley, he had witnessed this peculiar scene. The toffee which rolled out of Mildred’s mouth and onto the floor was identical to the one Dudley had stuffed in his rather oversized mouth all that long time ago, accept maybe less chewed. He recognised this sweet at once to be ton-tongue toffees. It had made Dudley’s tongue grow to an enormous 4 foot long but Fred had once told him that they had the capacity to grow up to 8 foot. Harry started to wonder how long Mildred’s would get before someone did something about it. His hand reached his pocket and he withdrew his wand but Arthur Weasly had got there first, “Burgo Nom-Winthular” he said pointing the end of his wand at her tongue whilst managing to glare over his shoulder at the only two people laughing- George and Aliza. Next moment the most abnormal thing happened, although Mildred’s tongue had returned to its normal size the excess skin where is had stretched to grow so huge hung loosely off the end. “I’m ever so sorry mum, George continues to surprise us at events such as these, his manners sometimes seem to get a bit lost.” George shrank behind Aliza at this remark looking unusually pink in the face. “But I can assure you your tongue will be back to normal within 3 or 4 days.” Arthur then strided over to the gramophone and insisted that it continued to play and the social gathering would not be ended there with the whole evening’s catering still to go.Mildred was feeling the end of her tongue which continued to contort in an odd way.

It had been a while since Harry had met up with the Weasly’s and even longer since a social occasion like this, as he had little family, it was rare for him to go out (other than with Ginny) “Harry my dear,” Harry turned round to see Mildred’s arm outstretched, shaking as it tried hard to reach his shoulder. Though it was clear she had intended to pat or even hug him, the enormous effort that was expended forced her to relinquish her attempt. “Hello Mrs Weasly, how are you doing,” Harry replied chirpily whilst steadying Mildred on her feet. Completely ignoring Harry’s Question Mildred replied, “It’s been so long since I’ve seen you. I believe that the last time we saw each other was right here on your wedding night. Oh, how very long it’s been.” Mildred was off in a daydream and seemed to miss Harry’s confused reply. “But Mrs Weasly, I saw you only last week. James, Albus and Lily came over to visit you.” At her silence, he added, “Your Great Grandchildren?”
“And are you looking after Ginny well, she always was my favourite Grandchild- Lily.” Mildred went off with a dazed expression. “Well Ginny and I are very well, as for Lily your GREAT GRANDAUGHTER; well she is very excited about joining Hogwarts in a couple of years’ time. Did you receive the owl I sent you? Albus got into Gryffindor!” Although Harry tried to tell Mildred, she seemed rather hard to communicate with tonight, it was as if she had forgotten everything. “Sorry, I didn’t quite get that, whose’s Gryffindor?” Exasperated, Harry said “Gryffindor is one of the four Hogwarts school houses, the one that you were in as a young witch. Me and Ginny’s son Albus, who has recently joined” Harrys speech slowed right down and he made an effort to pronounce each letter and word as clearly and accurately as possible, “H-A-S    A-L-S-O    M-A-D-E    I-T    I-N
“Oh right,” Mildred said seeming none the wiser. The rest of the night went pretty smoothly, it gave Harry a chance to speak to Ron and discuss the Quidditch finals which were taking place in Holland in a week’s time. He rather enjoyed his small extracts of time spent with Ron, especially when the topic of conversation was Quidditch, to him it felt like the days when he was back at Hogwarts playing as the youngest seeker of all time. He rather missed those days. Settling down with a family and becoming an Auror was fine and his job was an extremely important part of the Ministry of magic, it was high up and paid well, but he didn’t get the same Adrenalin and levels of fun as he used to. The old adventures seem like ancient memories now and it was hard to believe that they really happened.
They went round saying their goodbyes to everyone, thanking them for the entertainment that evening, although there weren’t many people there anymore and they were beginning to pack away the tables.
The cold night air spiked the ends of their noses and tingled the corners of their ears; Ginny wrapped her arm around Harry and withdrew her wand whispering “lumos” quietly. A white glow of light appeared causing the path ahead to become visible. He took this opportunity to discuss Mildred’s sudden memory loss with Ginny. “It’s unusual isn’t it, not that she is becoming forgetful- I mean remember Uncle Frank- but that only last week she was one hundred percent conscious of everything we said, tonight however she had forgotten the names of our children.” At this last comment Ginny seemed rather concerned “I guess when I was talking to her she seem a bit distant.” She hesitated as if stumbling on this word would reduce the loss of her memory. “ I think that Mildred…” he began, but cut short and squinted into the night sky, the moon was so bright that night that it was not entirely obvious to Ginny what it was that had distracted him, “Harry?” She prompted him.
“Sorry, I just thought I might have seen something or someone…” He trailed off and returned his attention to Ginny who was looking at him in deep admiration. Suddenly a loud bang confirmed Harry’s theory and a group of black movement swarmed towards the two of them and the burrow.
Instinctively, Harry placed is arm round Ginny and leapt in front of her for protection. His feet forced his body backwards as he realised who masked figures were, they’re wands outstretched and the loud yell of their leader shouting commands. Co-ordinately, they roared and cried out spells as Green and Red jets of light streamed from their wands causing explosions as they hit the ground. “Get inside Ginny, keep yourself safe,” Harry gave her a fervent kiss and separated with her as he ran into the once jolly marquee to warn the Weasly’s and left over guests about the attack from the death eaters. He heard petrified screams as victims tried to escape the battle field and apparrate home. The atmosphere immediately dropped and rages of panic ran over everyone there. Poor Mrs Weasly was in a state of confusion and alarm trying to persuade everyone to leave their possessions and evacuate the burning building. White drapes had turned black and singes. Mr Weasly was trying his best to hold off the crowd of 8 or 9 dementors, creating barriers and force fields around them. He had used the spell “Acomonate Warthem H20” and a fountain appeared to extinguish the fires. Harry tried to help Mr Weasly but was ordered to look after everyone back at the burrow and use a portkey if necessary to escape the scene. In principle, Harry had obeyed him and directed everyone to apparate to number 8 willows Lane but Mr Weasly had never instructed Harry to consider his own safety. Therefore, he joined him in outside the cottage, where he found himself in a war scene, to fight of the last few death eaters who determinedly fired shots at the force field to encourage a break in Mr Weasly’s magic protecting the house and valuable lives.

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