Harry Potter-Is the dark lord really dead?

Although Harry is an adult he is still curious for adventure. As the dark lord returns it is a race against time to defeat him and the final horcrux.


2. Meanwhile at Hogwarts

Albus sat nervously opposite Rose waiting for her to speak. After the long journey it was a relief to finally be sitting in the great hall, the enchanted ceiling as magnificent as ever. After years of James and his parents talking about Hogwarts he was finally here and it was dead impressive. The huge building was so intriguing and Albus couldn’t wait to explore, he was interrupted in his thought when a cheery first year spoke, “Hello I’ve heard so much about you. Your that famous potter lad whose father defeated you know who!” Albus flushed bright read with embarrassment at the admiration in the boy’s voice. He had curly blonde hair and a wide smile that stretched from ear to ear. He wore a blue and red checked jumper underneath his robes and an interesting watch that looked as if it could have been invented by George Weasly. “May I sit next to you?” He said, “I don’t know anyone here you see and I guess it would be a good start if I got to know some fellow Gryffindor’s.”

“Sure” Albus said shyly. Rose, who had been sitting unusually quietly beside Albus had perked up and added, “Yes that’s wise. What do you think of Hogwarts so far? I think it’s simply marvellous. All this magic, there’s so much to learn, it will be brilliant.” She was quite out of breath after she had said all this giving the others no chance to put a word in. As the curly haired boy was about to answer back a high pitched tapping interrupted him before he could start. Professor McGonagall was hitting the edge of her goblet with a silver spoon incrusted at the top was the Hogwarts coat of arms and delicate lettering around the edge reading, “Draco, Dormiens, Nunquam, Titillandus” which translates to “never tickle a sleeping dragon” She did this to get the attention of the hundreds of students sitting row by row in the great hall. Their faces turned eagerly towards the head of the great half where the teachers sat on a long horizontal table. This was also where Albus spotted Hagrid the old games keeper who harry raved about and had come to tea a few times. By now Hagrid was getting on a bit and McGonagall couldn’t bring herself to ask him to leave so he stays at Hogwarts and does the occasional grounds keeping job but no longer teaches or has many responsibilities. Albus saw Lee Jordan who taught flying lessons and continued to commentate the Quidditch matches. He was very popular with the Gryffindor students although wasn’t as well liked with the other houses as his commentary was very biased and he always made it clear who he wanted to win and was a huge fan of the Gryffindor team.After getting the attention of the students McGonagall stood up and embraced the silence before clearing her throat and speaking clearly into her wand that seemed to magnify the sound so that her voice filled the large hall. “I’m delighted to welcome you all to Hogwarts for some of you I am just welcoming you back for another year of learning,” A snigger from the older lot flowed through the hall at this remark, “but for some of you,” McGonagall continued, “I am welcoming you to an exciting adventure. Hogwarts is full of secrets and has an extensive history, however much you hate studying I can assure you that fun is always found here. You will learn about things that you only dreamt existed and perform spells and make potions with such accuracy and precision that you will grow to be the best witch or wizard ever. And I will be proud to say,” At this point McGonagall’s voice rose with such passion, “That you were a Hogwarts student!” There was a split second of silence with the odd whoop or cheer before applause erupted from the great hall, “The feast has begun!” Albus turned to look at the table on which food had magically appeared. This was the famous Hogwarts feast that went down in history and it was as good as they had said. It was an endless supply of food from chicken breasts to trifle everyone along the tables ate as if there was no tomorrow, as if they had been starved for weeks on end. Albus reached across the table taking a sausage and a couple of Yorkshire puddings, this was like heaven to Albus, he took some peppermint humbugs and drank a swig of pumpkin juice. The hall was busy with new and old students enjoying the beginning of term feast, Albus could get used to this.


When Albus eventually reached the common room after being one of the last students to leave the great feast he collapsed on the sofa and relaxed in front of the glowing fire. It was here that he saw his new mate playing wizard’s chess in the corner of the room. James was always playing wizards chess at home, Albus wasn’t very good but it amused him when the little pieces came to life, McGonagall was right there was endless adventure in the magical world, Albus would never stop marvelling over the new stuff he came across, it all seemed so clever to him. “Albus,” came a small uncertain noise that interrupted his thoughts. “umm Albus,” it came again. He turned to see the curly haired boy who had now finished playing chess leaving the two of them all alone in the common room. “Albus, shall we go up and find our beds together?” he said and turned towards the direction of the stairs. “Yeah sure,” he replied with a warm smile and the walked off together up to their beds.

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