Harry Potter-Is the dark lord really dead?

Although Harry is an adult he is still curious for adventure. As the dark lord returns it is a race against time to defeat him and the final horcrux.


1. Chapter1

Harry waved good bye to his children, standing yet again on platform 9 ¾ beside his friends Ron and Hermione. Yet they did not know what was in store for this summer as they left the station. McGonagall was currently head mistress at Hogwarts and Hagrid was still teaching care of magical creatures but new parts of Hogwarts had been discovered since the three of them left. They chuckled as they recalled Teddy Lupin telling them about a hidden door enabling you to escape from dimension and the new spell used to bring fossils to life.

However at the ministry of magic where the three of them worked was a rumour that seemed to echo all around the corridors leaving witches and wizards everywhere bemused. A part of the dark lord was still out there. That day when harry destroyed Lord Voldemort in the grounds of Hogwarts was not the end. In fact it was only the beginning!


"I can't believe Albus is 11," Hermione announced, "it seems like only yesterday that he was a baby"

"They grow up so quickly," Ginny agreed. They began to walk when Harry flung his hand to his forehead. "Are you alright Harry?" Hermione whispered anxiously.

"Never felt better," he lied. They kept walking until they came to a completely ordinary looking post box-"collection at 5:00pm weekdays and 2:00pm or Saturdays and Sundays" it read. Hermione put out her hand and stroked it gently across the top and tapped it twice down the side. At first it remained stationary, until a large gust of wind blew violently and they disappeared. Luckily this action was invisible to muggles but for Harry and his friends they had just apparrated to the Ministry of Magic where they were to attend work.

"Morning," Said a plump wizard with ginger hair as he nodded towards Harry.

"Nice to see you again dear," said an older woman, this time directing the comment to Hermione.

The Large corridor was now sectoring off into four different tunnels sign posted: "Administration and office", "corridor of various studies", "Court room and confidential cases", "The minister himself" Harry found himself walking down the tunnel labelled "corridor of various studies" He then went down the "Auror" section whilst Hermione, Ron and Ginny kept walking. It was quiet now with the echoing sound of footsteps against the cold tiled floor. Harry kept walking passing hundreds of doors each with a gold sign telling him what was inside each room. Right at the end of the corridor Harry turned to door 501 with the sign saying “Advanced Aurors.” He pushed the heavy steel door open into a busy room full of Wizards and Witches performing spells and talking loudly. In one corner there were a group of witches writing on beige parchment hurriedly whilst in the centre of the room the wizards were casting spells, competing to perform the best one in front of the witches. Then there was the organiser in charge, he was sitting behind a large desk shouting orders. Harry joined the Wizards and began to start firing spells yelling “expeliarmous!” from time to time.

It was lunch break when Harry next saw Ginny. They met in the Ministry café, finding it hard to hear each other over the loud bustling of hungry staff. Malfoy glided past them glaring at them momentarily before moving on. His cloak dragged behind him like a shadow with its dark colours glowering at the world.

“The way he walks is so suspicious.” Ginny said, “Oh no, do you think Albus will be ok? What if Malfoy teases him? Oh Harry!”

“Ginny do you ever stop worrying about the children. He’ll be fine.” Harry reassured her.

“Well I suppose so. I got an owl whilst I was working. He’s made it into Gryffindor like his brothers.” Ginny Said.

“There you go, he’s a true Gryffindor, nothing will happen to him,” Harry said.

They continued to drink butter beer, Ginny glancing at the clock every few minutes, cautious about returning to work on time. “James has been raving about Neville’s Herbology classes, says he’s a fantastic teacher. I always knew Neville would go down well with the kids,” Harry said, “which reminds me I’ve got to invite him round, I need help with work, We’ve come across a plant that seems to spit fire at  us if you get within ten metres of it,” Harry chuckled then said sighing, “I thought Neville might be the man to ask I’m afraid if we don’t get it sorted then it will have to be destroyed and I think it could make an excellent defence for Azkaban!”

“Report back to work immediately!” Came a load voice over the loud speaker, it was deep and bellowing he was the bossy sort of wizard. “Bye love,” Ginny said gently, leaning across the table to kiss harry softly on the cheek then marched off up a narrow corridor. Harry watched her until she was just a faint distance shadow then returned to work himself to continue observing the fire spitting plant.


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