This is not a fanfiction, it's parts of a storys I have written and I'd like to hear your opinions :)


2. Watery Grave

I walked down the beach, the waves crashing around behind me, the ocean roaring like thunder. I looked up at the grey, cloudless sky. A Sleet was coming. I sighed, the sight of pouring rain falling around me filled my thoughts. I grabbed the skirt of my dress. The long, flowing pink material felt soft beneath my fingers. I took off in a sprint towards shelter. I ran into the little bakery my mother owned. The warmth or safety clouded my fears. I hated the rain for the pain and sorrow it had brought me. Not long ago, on a day just like this a storm had rolled in.


The water level was rising and it was too late to escape. Everyone who had not left, back when you could, had to escape to shelter. We had to gather our belongings and get to higher ground. My mother, father, me and my older brother had already gotten into the hills surrounding our village on the other side. We had gathered with the townsfolk. The government had flown in with tents to try to keep us warm. My family had a small, two person tent. We all had to huddle together for warmth. I look back through the tent. My father was on the far left, huddling with my mother, my mother shivering beneath his arms. My older brother was trying to keep himself warm. I turned to my right, expecting to see my little sister Sophia huddling into my arms for warmth, but all that laid beside me was an empty space. Panic rose within me as I search the tent over and over expecting to see my sisters smiling little face. Adrenaline ran through my veins, I had to find her. I jumped up and opened the tent a little. My brother cried out in protest as I ran out the tent.  Frantic wasn’t the word to describe life outside the tent. People were running around trying to get things done as fast as possible. People were coming around doing head counts. I looked back down the mountain towards the town.

Think! I thought to myself. What about the little creek near our house! Sophia liked to play there, in the little house we made for her. I stared into space until it finally clicked in my head that she would probably be there. I took off into a sprint, down the hill. I ran down the street towards our house. Luckily it was on the outskirts of town. I ran past our house, the shattered windows, creaking floorboards, and the old furniture. I ran down the little dirt path leading to the creek. There was a tree trunk covering it, like a bridge. I looked across the rushing water and saw the little house we made her.
“Sophia” I yelled out at the top of my lungs, pray she would hear me over the thundering storm.
“Jess!”  I hear her faint reply. I ran across the bridge and to the base of the tree, where the house stood. I climbed the ladder careful of its slippery surface. I got to the top and passed through the door. I smiled, remembering building this house. I remember laying the floorboards to the plastic sheeting over the windows, because glass was way too dangerous. I even remembered laying the little shells Sophia had collected around the doorway leading into the house. I searched the house, finding my little sister huddled in the corner, beneath a window.
“Soph?” I said softly.
“Jess!” Sophia yelled as she ran into my arms. Relief spread across my body as I hugged her. I looked out the window behind her.
“It’s time to go” I said to her “The waters rising, we have to get out of here”.

She nodded her acceptance. I picked up her small, fragile body and walked out the doorway. I put her down so she could climb down the ladder. I followed her and grabbed her hand. I slowly lead her across the bridge, careful not to let her fall. We were almost to the end when she slipped and fell off the side of the bridge. My hand was still grasping hers and I was frantically trying to pull her up.
“Jess!”  She yelled out in desperation.
“I’m not going to let go!” I yelled out seeing my sisters panicked face.
My hand was slipping, I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer.
“Look Soph, you’re going to go to a place. Promise me that you won’t hate me, I’m so sorry.” I said stumbling over my words.
“You’re going to let go aren’t you?” she asked me.
“I don’t want to Soph, I’m so sorry. You’re slipping. I can’t hold on much longer.”
“It’s ok Jess, I’ll go to that place you said and wait for mamma, papa, brother and you. It’s not your fault” she replied to me.
A tear slid down my cheek hearing her say that. Sophia looked up at me. “I’m sorry Jess, I love you.”
“It’s ok Soph and I love you to” I said smiling.
My hand slipped and Sophia fell. I was about to jump after her, but something grabbed my waist. I struggled with my captor, trying to break free.

“Stop, stop!” I heard my brother’s voice yelling in my ear.
I turned and saw my brother’s horrified face. He’d seen and heard everything, I was sure of it.
“Aiden! She’s, she’s gone” I sobbed into his chest. It kept replaying over and over in my mind, Sophia falling, my struggle to save her.
“It’s ok, you did the best you could” he replied cradling me into his chest. He led me off the tree trunk and onto the bank, not breaking his hold. We stood there for several moments, until Aiden spoke up.
“We need to go, the water is rising” he whispered into my ear.
This time, it was me who nodded. He released me from his arms, my safe barrier and I pulled back. I tried to take a step, but my feet collapsed beneath me. My brothers hand came out and steadied me before I fell. He tried to pick me up, but I moved back.
“It’s ok, you’re in shock” he told me.
Once again he tried to pick me up, and this time I let him. I put my head to his shoulder and tried to push the horrific thoughts out of my head. We went back the way we came, coming to a stop when we got to the stop of the mountain. We went back to the tent where our parents lay huddled, waiting for our return. Aiden opened the tent and gestured for me to enter. I slipped into the tent and sat back in my corner, Aiden followed, but sat next to me, putting his arms around me in an attempt to comfort me. I looked over to see my parents fast asleep, still huddling together. I looked up into Aiden’s blue eyes, and saw sorrow. I knew my emerald green eyes mirrored his. I leant into his shoulder and slowly drifted off to sleep myself.


I blamed myself for that day. It was my fault I couldn’t save her. I’m constantly being told that it wasn’t my fault, but I disagree. I shouldn’t have let go, maybe if I has grasped her differently, she wouldn’t have slipped. I looked up, trying to shake the memory. I walked past the counter and to the back.
“Mum, a storm’s coming!” I yelled.
My mum came running out to me. She look past the counter and out the window.
“It’s not that bad Hun,” my mother replied going back to what she was doing.

I walked out to where my mother was. The cooking room. I turned and went out the back door. Our new house was outside the bakery. It was a big house, with big glass windows, made of the finest wood. But my destination was not to the house, it was the backyard. I walked down the path to the side of the house to the backyard, then up a little hill. I opened the gate of the white picket fence and went to see my little sister. My brother was sitting in front of her, so I walked over to him. As I was walking over, his head turned to face me. I sat next to him and his arm automatically wrapped around me.
“Thanks” I said to Aiden, smiling in appreciation.
“It’s ok” he said brushing it off. Ever since the accident, my brother was so careful of me, like I was going to break down at any minute. It got annoying sometimes, being under his constant scrutiny, but I was glad.

I looked up at the grey headstone, reading the words. ‘Sophia Rosa Graym, 1990-1997, a beautiful girl, taken too soon’ I knew these words off by heart, but I always read over them every time I came here. A little while after the accident, her body had been found down on the beach, which was then brought to us. We had her funeral a couple of days later, and then she had been buried here.

“It wasn’t you fault Jess, you know that” my brother said.
I was silent for a minute, the only sound you could hear was the wind blowing softly around us and the distance rumbling of thunder. Every couple of seconds you could hear the crashing of the waves.
“I…” I started.
“Enough Jess, you can’t keep blaming yourself for this! Yes it was something terrible, but we have to move on. It wasn’t your fault, I saw it. She slipped out of your hands, you didn’t let go.” Aiden said cutting me off.
I thought it over and over. When Aiden said was the truth, but…
“There must have been something else I could have done…” I said quietly.
“But there wasn’t… you need to let this go”
“I can’t!” I cried out in desperation.

I got up and walked off towards the house. I looked up towards the sky. The storm had cleared. The clear blue sky was such a beautiful sight to see. I smiled to myself as I walked in the back door. I walked up the stairs and down the hall to my bedroom. My room looked magical, the sunshine lit up the room, from the bright white walls to the fluffy purple blankets on my bed. What caught my eye was the rainbow coming in my window. I followed it to my pillow. On it laid a crème letter. I walked over to my bed, sitting on the edge. I picked up the letter, it was addressed to Jessica Marie Graym. My name was written in messy writing, like a child. I turned it over and opened it.

Dear Jess,
I’m ok. It’s good her you know, not as bad as I thought it would be. Its ok sis, you don’t need to worry anymore. I found some people who are taking good care of me. I’ll still wait for you though and mamma, papa and Aiden. I love you all. When you guys come here, I’ll introduce you to my friends. Please don’t blame yourself for what happened, its fine. I forgive you. You didn’t let go, I slipped. I should have come when mamma called you know? Not hiding in my cubby house. It’s my fault sis. Please remember that. I love you and will be waiting for you.


I dropped the letter. It should not have said that, I can’t believe it. Was it a joke? No, it was Sophia’s handwriting. I have no idea what it was doing there, let alone how it got there. I got up and walked down into the dining room. Aiden and our parents were waiting there. I walked over and gave each of them a hug.

I didn’t feel guilty any more. I felt like someone took the weight off my shoulders. I guess I had finally forgiven myself for the accident. Knowing Sophia was alright made me feel better. My family had come together in a group hug. Everything was alright now. All we could do is wait, so we can be re-united with Sophia. It would happen when it did, otherwise, we will live our lives until then. Hopefully one day, our family would be complete once more.

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