This is not a fanfiction, it's parts of a storys I have written and I'd like to hear your opinions :)


1. Cold-Blooded Fear

I was running, faster and faster until my legs hurt. I knew I couldn’t give up. My life depended on it. Literally. I didn’t know what was chasing me, but I knew I could not stop. I kept running. There was darkness all around me. I couldn’t see anything. But I could hear It. I needed to keep going, but if I ran any further, I think my lungs would fail. I wasn’t going to rule it out. I ran a couple more steps and then veered quickly to the left. I felt my foot give way and I fell .My  back hit something, I reached behind me. I ran my hands along the hard, rough surface. Bricks. I must have tripped over one of the old structures. One of the old buildings. I moved backwards and leant against the old brick wall. It was musty.  I could smell the mould. I was sitting there, desperately hoping that it wouldn’t find me.  I am not a religious person, but I was praying, praying for my life. All was silent except my quiet ragged breathing. A few seconds pass and I can still hear nothing but silence. Then, I hear a frightening ripping sound. My eyes widen with fear as a giant tree trunk flew over my head, It was so close to my face, I could see the grains in the wood. The tree hit the collapsing wall in front on me and shattered into splinters.  I couldn’t help but gasp. I could here it’s footsteps walking towards me. I could feel my heartbeat start to race, fear ran through my bloodstream. Sweat beads are forming on my forehead. It was getting closer and closer, each footstep made my heart pound. Closer and closer it came until the footsteps suddenly stopped. My eyes widened as it jumped in front of me, it’s claws grabbed my arm and flung me against the wall. I heard a giant crack, pain shot through my body. I tried to move, but somewhere inside of me I knew I couldn’t, but that didn’t stop me from trying. It walked slowly towards me, its white eyes glowing eerily in the darkness.  It opened its mouth and clicked it’s razor sharp teeth together. It lifted its arm and stretched it’s disgusting blood-soaked claws towards me.  My body shivered in terror. I looked at my arm and saw the deep scratch marks on my arm, blood pouring out. I knew this was the end. As it leaned over my body, it breathed in and made a sound of pleasure. I took what I assumed would be my last breath and gagged at the stench. It smelled like rotten food and festering human flesh. It reached out and grabbed my throat. It claws pierced the skin and I watched as my blood slowly flowing down it’s arm. I was getting tired and was slowly falling asleep. Then I was flung against the wall again. The pain shot me awake. The blood flow was getting stronger now. I was laying on the ground in pain, bleeding to death, with a monster standing over me. There was no possible way I was going to survive this. The monster walked towards me and gave me an evil smile, just as it launched itself towards me…

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