Picture Perfect (Zayn Malik)

Meet Rosalie Andersen, one of the world most chased models at the age 17, her life seems perfect to everyone except for her. She was born into a world with fame, with her parents constantly traveling, filming movies. All she wants is a normal life.
Because all though life is not black and white, you can still have your Picture Perfect moments.


1. Chapter 1

Rosalie POV

I slowly opened one eye after another, taking in my surroundings; a big bedroom with cream coloured walls, pictures hanging on them. A big twin king sized bed in the middle of the room, a white carpet covering the floor. Well I guess that I was home then.

So now you probably wonder who I am, well if you haven't seen me on the cover of every big magazine in the nation, I'm Rosalie Andersen, one of the world most wanted model.
A normal person would just freak out, telling me about my mom and dads face are covering their walls and stuff like that. Both my mum and dad are famous actors, they have over 10 Oscars at home, impressing huh? But all I really want is a normal life, away from fame. But how much I want it I know that it would never happen.

Sighing over the thought of that, I sat up in my bed. My eyes adjusting to the light coming in through the big panorama window in front of my bed. Mornings like this makes me just wanna handcuff myself to my bed. Kinky today, aren't we?
Sighing again I walked over to my walk-in-closet and picked out some clothes. Black high waisted shorts, a lace white top and my black vans. (Link to outfit at the bottom:) I let my brown wavy hair flow naturally down my back, and slowly I made my way downstairs, through our big living room to our kitchen.

"Good morning hun." My mom greeted me. "Morning." I mumbled and flashed a small smiled. She didn't even look up at me, to busy typing away on her phone, as usual. I sighed again and poured out some milk in a bowl with Lucky charms in. I started eating in peace only to be disturbed by her annoying phone buzzing like madly. She quickly picked up and smiled.
"Yeah, that's me... Sure... When?... Tonight?... Now?... That'll be great... Yes, thank you, bye..." I raised an eyebrow in her direction.
"I gotta go hunny. Love you, be safe. See you in two months." And she's out! Really, she ran outside jumping into her red Ferrari and speeding of to god knows what.
Minutes later I got bored, that's why there's twitter. I quickly pulled my phone up and logged in. Minutes of following a few people and retweeting stuff I decided to tweet. I quickly tapped away on my phone;

Rosalie_andersen: good mornin' :) so home alone, what to do? How about a twitcam? X

And send.
And now what? My dad is on a golf trip with his buddies, mom is filming somewhere over the rainbow, hehe I'm so clever, and here I am, sitting alone in our house munching away on my lucky charms.
I ran up to my room, leaving my precious cereals in the kitchen, to get my laptop. I walked through the house again and sat down on the same spot. Opening up twitter for a twitcam.

Zayn POV

"Hurry up lads, she's starting!" Harry shouted through our flat that we all shared. We're currently back in London, waiting for uncle Simon to come back, he said something about meeting someone important, anyway back to her.
All the five of us were seated on our sofa looking at Harry's small laptop screen, a minute later Rosalie's face popped up.

"Hiya guys!" She smiled and waved to the camera. "Look I'm home alone and I watched paranormal activity last night, this house is freaking me out!" She half screamed, we all laughed at her. She seemed so down to earth even though she's born into a world of fame it didn't seem to bother her.
"Wait did anyone hear that?" She looked behind her back and went up looking around, in what I assume is a kitchen. "Was it just me or did it sound like a door just open?" She asked, her brown eyes searching around the room. She shrugged her shoulders and went in with answering questions until a familiar person walked up behind her, she didn't seem to notice. He just smirked and walked up behind her, pressing his index finger on his lips.
"BOO!?" He screamed and poked her sides. She screamed for bloody murder and turned around.
"UNCLE SI?!" She shouted and jumped on him. Me and the lads looked at each other in chock before bursting into laughter and rolling around.

Rosalie POV

"BOO!?" A voice screamed and poked my side. I screamed on the top of my lungs and turned around, seeing my stupid uncle laughing his ass off.
"UNCLE SI?!" I shouted and jumped on him, suffocating him with the action. He kept laughing and kissed my cheek. He sat down on the chair next to me and we kept on going with the twitcam.


"Why did you do that for? I almost peed myself!" I shouted and slapped his arm. After an hour and a half we wrapped the twitcam up and logged out.
"Since your dad is out of town and so is your mom, I'm going to kidnap you." He said and smirked, next thing I know it I was thrown over Simon Cowell's aka my uncle shoulder. He grabbed my phone from the kitchen counter and walked out, a car already waiting for us. He isn't that tough guy you see on X-factor, he's actually a real softie.

"So where are we going?" I ask him of pure curiosity. "England." He simply said and typed away on his phone.
"Very funny Si, so where are we going?" I ask him again. "England." He said again like last time. Don't judge me now; YOLO. I'm of to England suckers.

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Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=65156908
-Amanda x:)
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