when i lost you, i lost myself

When Sara's parents passed away by a car accident the truth about her real parents revealed. Her parents where criminals and drug users. They were wanted by the police to get punished. What would Sara do? Would she get involved and punished for something her pparents did?


1. its just the beggining

I've always looked up for my parents they where my everything; my heroes and role models until I found this green old dusty diary in our basement. My parents passed away two weeks ago and since then nothing was normal but, when I found that diary all my suspensions where in place and I thought to my self it's just the beggining Sara you have to be strong.
I opened the diary with my hands shivering like hell tears washing away the writing on the diary. Those who I was looking at where criminals yes my parents where criminals it was all written in the diary.
I always lived the life of fantasy, travelled all around the world and went to one of the best schools ever and I always wondered how did my parents make all of that money? They never had jobs yet they were barely at home! I was always kept with a nanny which grew closer to me than my real mom. I never thought my parents where murders or drug users.
As I flipped the pages in that green diary I got disgusted more and more I couldn't bare myself. I kept on tearing off the pages burning them one after the another until an envelope fell from the diary saying to Sara and Mike. Mike was my 5years old brother. He was my only hope in life. As I started opening the envelope curiously someone was knocking the door. I hid the envelope wiped my tears and opened the door. It was our nanny Jasmine, Telling me that Mike is crying. I left everything behind and rushed across the rooms to Mike's room. MAMA he said. As soon ad he said that I knew he was suffering from inside; I hugged him dearly passing my tears away and at that moment I knew that our life would change. I promised myself to not make my little angle cry again. I would be his sister, mother and friend.
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