London Bound

Chelsea is your average teenage girl, she has heaps of friends and has had her heart broken by being cheated on and used by boys in her school. Charli is also your average teenage girl she has heaps of friends as well. When the two girls get scholarships to a new school of their choice in london they are so excited. Lachlan flies over to London to be Charli's boyfriend and the girls meet One Direction. Two of the boys fall head over heels for Chelsea and one of the boys fall for Charli even though she has a boyfriend. There will be tears, heartbreak, betrayal and love.


15. What the!?

Charli's POV


I set up my camera on my Table.

I pressed the record botton and started to sing "memories" by Panic! At The Disco


He was the congregation's vagrant,
With an unrequited love.
When your passion's exaltation,
Then finding refuge is not enough.
She was the youngest of the family
And the last to be let go.
When they decided they would try to make it on their own.

Oh Memories!
Where'd you go?
You were all I've ever known!
How I miss yesterday!
How'd I let it fade away?
Where'd you go?

(Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh)

When July became December,
Their affection fought the cold.
But they couldn't quite remember,
What inspired them to go.
And it was beautifully depressing,
Like a street car named Desire.
They were fighting for their love that had started growing tired.

Oh Memories!
Where'd you go?
You were all I've ever known!
How I miss yesterday!
How'd I let it fade away?
Don't fade away!

When money lost momentum,
And the bills were piling high
Then the smile had finally faded,
From the apple of their eye.
They were young and independent,
And they thought they had it planned.
Should have known right from the start
You can't predict the end.

Oh Memories!
Where'd you go?
You were all I've ever known!
How I miss yesterday!
How'd I let it fade away?
Oh Memories!
Where'd you go?
You were all I've ever known!
How I miss yesterday!
How'd I let it fade away?
Don't fade away!


I posted it on youtube with a description saying that the song reminded me of an old friend who I missed and that I wish I could see them again.

I grabbed my bathers off my bed and changed into them out of my casual clothes. I put on a peach coloured spagetti strap shirt and a pair of frayed denim shorts.

"OI! Chels! Get up you lazy dipshit! We gotta be at the beach in twenty minutes!" I yelled as I walked into her room (i'm so cruel ;P)

"Oh crap! Get outa here you! I need to change!" she laughed as she threw a pillow at me, I ducked and stuck my tonue out at her.

after she got changed we headed to the beach.


Liam's POV


"Damn you L:iam!" Harry laughed at me after I pushed him out of the boat. We all laughed as he got up out of the water absolutely drenched.

"HEY LOOK! THEY"RE HERE! THEY"RE HERE!" Louis screamed out. pointing towards the shore. I looked over to where he was pointing and saw Chelsea andf Charli looking very confused and looking around.

We rowed the boat back to the jetty and jumoed out. Louis then ran towards Chelsea screaming "CARROTS!" while Chelsea hid behind Charli who just raised her eyebrows sceptically. the rest of the boys and I all ran towards them, but not like louis who was currently pretending he was a plane and running around Chelsea and Charli in circle. After he started chasing pidgeons then Charli just walked towards the ocean.

"Hey." I said to her

"Hey." she sighed

"Whats wrong?" I asked her carefully, she looked like she could cry any minute.

 She pulled out her phone and entered her texts. And then she opened one,

"Hi Charli, I'm sorry but I can't go out with you anymore. I still like you, It's just that I feel like you need someone better. XX Lachlan:" I read

I pulled her into a hug as she started to cry.

"It's okay, he's doing it for your sake, he thinks he's not good enough, why don't you convince him that he is?" I whispered to her

"Because, he's already on the plane back to Australia."

I looked at her for a minute, she looked so fragile like this. I sat down and pulled her on top of my lap and just hugged her for a minute and I decided that I need to take a chance.

"Please don't cry, I don't want you to hurt, I love you, and It hurts me to see you like this." I whispered to her

"Why would you like me? I'm not even pretty!" she said.

"You're right, you're not pretty, you're beautiful." I whispered in her ear.


Harry's POV


I started to look for Charli, I hadnt seen her in a while. I looked around and saw her sitting in Liam's lap crying.

"Guys, somethings wrong with Charlil!" I shouted and Chelsea and the others looked to where Liam and Charli were.

Chelsea rushed over to them and kneeled next to them stroking her hair.

Me and the guys walked over and saw that Charli was literally sobbing so much she couldn't breathe.



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