London Bound

Chelsea is your average teenage girl, she has heaps of friends and has had her heart broken by being cheated on and used by boys in her school. Charli is also your average teenage girl she has heaps of friends as well. When the two girls get scholarships to a new school of their choice in london they are so excited. Lachlan flies over to London to be Charli's boyfriend and the girls meet One Direction. Two of the boys fall head over heels for Chelsea and one of the boys fall for Charli even though she has a boyfriend. There will be tears, heartbreak, betrayal and love.


23. The Final Song of the Unloved

Sam's POV


I played a few random chords on my guitar, and decided to write a song. I played the tune I had come up with a few days ago and started to sing:


I shut my eyes

as I walk down the empty street alone

the lamps shine bright in the shy

but they don't come close to your light.

walking down the boulevard of discarded hope


when will you leave me

to  overcome the greater fear

turn around the playing field

as the turn ceases to exist at all


"light the path beyond your incessant fears

for time will ever change you

and you'll lose the one who saved you

as you shut your eyes,

walking down the avenue of doom" I heard Charli sing behind me. She smiled and sat down next to me.


"when will you leave me"

to overcome the greater fear

"turn around the playing field"

as the turn we play ceases to exist at all


walk through the blinding pain

and let your heart soar

"leave behind all the weight

of the neverending curse on us"


when will you leave me

to over come the greater fear

turn around the playing field for our will soon draw near

leave behind the chess peices

"in this flouresent shade of red

call upon the maids and servants

to relieve the lives of the dead"


"this is the final song"

this for the ones who don't belong


the final song of the unloved (qoute mark parts are the parts Charli sings)


I finished playing the tune and smiled at Charli


"Such a sad song, wish we had of recorded it." Charli sighed.


I pulled out my Iphone from between the text sheets and Charli laughed.

"I don't know what I would have done with it but I had decided to record it." I blushed embarassed. Charli gave me a hug

"I don't know what I would do without you!" she whispered Into my messy white hair, her warm breath only just reaching my pale neck made me shiver, the warmth hitting my neck too suddenly. I reached for my arm and panicked. I had forgotten to do something this morning. I gently hugged Charli back and felt a peircing pain enter my mouth. I whimpered as something sharp peirced my flesh on my lip.

"Bit  my tongue." I lied to Charli as she looked up from my neck worried. "I'm going to go check it, I'll be right back!" I yelled as I ran out the music room. I ran into the nearest guys bathrom and grabbed something from my pocket. I pulled out the silver syringe and held it to my arm. I heard footseps approach the bathroom. I heard an extremely loud voice dance through the walls. I stabbed the syringe into my arm and injected the clear fluid hastily. I crushed the syringe, leaving blood over my hands. I washed my hands, trying to remove the evidence I had been bleeding.

I saw Jordan walk in and for a minute he looked like he wanted to punch me. He then saw a broken peice of the syringe on the counter. I blushed and prepared to be teased.

"So, you're diabetic?" he asked me curiously, like a cat deciding wheter it should hunt a bird or just knock it around.

"Not exactly. I have a condition that makes me somewhat scary, I am supposed to inject it every morning, but I was in such a rush this morning so I forgot. You mightn't believe me, as I look so simlilar to a porcelain doll it's not funny, but that's also part of the condition." I told him as I threw the broken glass into the sink.

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