London Bound

Chelsea is your average teenage girl, she has heaps of friends and has had her heart broken by being cheated on and used by boys in her school. Charli is also your average teenage girl she has heaps of friends as well. When the two girls get scholarships to a new school of their choice in london they are so excited. Lachlan flies over to London to be Charli's boyfriend and the girls meet One Direction. Two of the boys fall head over heels for Chelsea and one of the boys fall for Charli even though she has a boyfriend. There will be tears, heartbreak, betrayal and love.


26. Interveiws

Louis's POV

"Lou get up you have a interview" Chelsea said jumping on top of me

"I can't get up with you on me" I said pushing her off

Chelsea laughed as she fell on the floor

We all got dressed and drove off to our interview.  The lady that was doing the interview was wearing really red lipstick and she looked a little like a slut.  We all sat down and she started to ask us questions

"So what can we expect for the take me home tour" She asked

"Quite a fun show" Niall said

She asked more questions and kept flirting with me.  I was little disgusted.

"Louis you were spotted yesterday holding hands with a girl who is she" she asked winking at me

"It's my girlfriend" I answered with a smile on my face

"Is she here" She said rolling her eyes

"Yeah she is I can bring her out"

I looked over to her and she was pink.  I told her to come over and she walked out and sat on my lap and I wrapped my arms around her

"So what's your name" she said to Chelsea

"I'm Chelsea Brooks"

I kissed her cheek and she blushed

"So who is single"

Niall and Harry raised their hands

"So who are the special ladies"

"I have Perrie" Zayn said

"And I'm dating a girl named Charli" Liam said

We finished and the lady came up to me

 "So Louis" said putting a hand on my shoulder

"I have a girlfriend"

"So she's not even pretty did you see what she was wearing"

Chelsea wasn't wearing anything spectacular but she still looked beautiful

"She looked beautiful although you looked like a slut" I said about to leave and she kissed me

"Louis let-" Obviously she had seen and had run off crying

I pushed her off and ran after her


I saw Chelsea sitting in one of the corners and I sat down next to her.

"Why did you do it" She asked in between sobs

"Chels she kissed me as soon as you walked in it didn't mean anything to me your the only one that I want, do you believe me"

"I guess I do"

I gave her a quick kiss and helped her up.  We all went back to our flats


Hope you are liking the book and we have also done another book called Haunted House so if you have a look at that thank you, XOX Chelsea


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