London Bound

Chelsea is your average teenage girl, she has heaps of friends and has had her heart broken by being cheated on and used by boys in her school. Charli is also your average teenage girl she has heaps of friends as well. When the two girls get scholarships to a new school of their choice in london they are so excited. Lachlan flies over to London to be Charli's boyfriend and the girls meet One Direction. Two of the boys fall head over heels for Chelsea and one of the boys fall for Charli even though she has a boyfriend. There will be tears, heartbreak, betrayal and love.


8. I want you

Charli's POV

As I started preparing a salad for dinner Chelsea started to cook chicken stir-fry I mentioned Her running into Courtney, and started laughing at when I got pushed into a locker by Emily because I was talking to Jordan about our biology class, which I had after lunch, she thought I was flirting with him. I brushed back my semi-long hair to reveal a cut on my cheek, Chelsea gasped.

"Charli! You need to report that!" she cried in horror.

She grabbed an ice pack out of the fridge and put it in my hand. I saw her glance at my scarred wrist and start to cry.

"Chelsea, I won't let those scars determine who I am. You don't need to worry. You of all people know that what happened then wasn't under my control."

I said as I glanced at my wrist. I remember how every day he used to carve Chinese symbols on my arm. It was how he would spell his name in Chinese. All my friends knew, and his friends had abandoned him because of it. Eventually the carvings turned into him slicing my arm open. I stayed with him because if I didn't he said he would kill me. As it turns our he died of an overdose of drugs poured into his champagne on his sixteenth birthday. I had been with him in the hospital right before he died, and I saw the young fourteen year old who I had gone out with. Not the sixteen year old who had abused me after his mothers death when he was fifteen.

"Dont worry Chelsea. I'm fine."

I said holding the chain on my neck. There was a small cross on it, and I raised my wrist to it.

"He doesnt matter anymore."

The next day:

I got up at five and drove to the airport. I saw Lachlan and ran right to him as soon as I got out of my car.

"Hi Lachie!"

I squealed and gave him a hug.

"I love you. Would you be mine?"

he whispered as he pulled out a bag of Cadbury chocolates and a bouquet of roses.

"Of course!"

I gasped and I saw him let out a sigh of relief.

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