London Bound

Chelsea is your average teenage girl, she has heaps of friends and has had her heart broken by being cheated on and used by boys in her school. Charli is also your average teenage girl she has heaps of friends as well. When the two girls get scholarships to a new school of their choice in london they are so excited. Lachlan flies over to London to be Charli's boyfriend and the girls meet One Direction. Two of the boys fall head over heels for Chelsea and one of the boys fall for Charli even though she has a boyfriend. There will be tears, heartbreak, betrayal and love.


10. Fight

As I sat on my bed listening to "memories" by panic! At the disco, I thought I should go and wake up Lachlan.

" wake up. It's Saturday and I wanna sing with you!" I called ( Chelsea was out ) and waited for him to respond. I decided to open his door. I saw a letter on the table and read it. 'hey, going out to play on my guitar for tips xox' it explained. I decided to go to the park and see if he was there. I got out of my pajamas and changed into a pair of denim shorts and a tank top that had a top hat on it with the words "emergency top hat" on it. I love Bing, he's soo cool! ( you can find him on YouTube :3 ) I grabbed my bag and walked to the park close by. It didn't take long before I heard his voice and his guitar. I walked right up and started singing with him. He looked at me with a smile on his face after the song was finished.

"Hey babe." he whispered to me as I gave him a kiss.

" Hey."I whispered back. We sung "let me go" which was our own song. As we finished I heard a familiar voice drift through the crowd. After tons of clapping I heard Courtney yell

"Shut up! I'm a better singer!" and she went up to me and hissed "Stupid whore. You think you can come into my town and overpower me? Good luck trying, its never gonna happen." she stormed off with Daniel and Ginny on her heels.

" Dont worry, she's the only person that hates you." Ginny said before she left too.

As I stared in confusion at Courtney as her sillouhette faded away. As I helped Lachlan pack up his guitar and collect the money we had managed to collect, we talked about the incident. After we finisehed packing up we left. On the way back home Courtney came up to me and punched me. As I went to hit her back my and was stopped when somebody that looked a lot like my ex-boyfriend grabbed my hand.

"I'm Liam Payne, I was in the crowd watching you and your boyfriend sing. You're really good! You should try out for X factor or maybe the voice." he says to me. As I looked at him with a smile, I stuck our my hand and introduced myself. " and there's no need to fight, I'm sure you're both pretty good!" 

"I'm Charli Hallett and my this is my boyfriend Lachlan Johns, nice to meet you! I'm a huge fan!"

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