The Trust is Gone

This story is about a girl, who has a crush on her best friends boyfriend, but when her best friend finds out, could that be the last of their friendship??

Iris (main character)
Sage (best friend)
Jimmy (boyfriend)

This is my first book on here so sorry if it's not that good!!!! :)


2. The movies

-Three hours later-

"Hurry up Iris otherwise you will be late for the movies!!" I heard mum yell at me from downstairs, I looked at the clock, I still have 45 minutes before the movie starts so I yell "Mum, don't worry, I'm coming down in a minute, I'm just putting on my make-up". I hear her snarl and say "You don't need  make-up Iris!" I don't reply. Mum is all for beauty products, but she doesn't really like me wearing it because I am only "still young" to her. I run downstairs and we hop in the car and go, I love where we live because we are smack bang in the middle of town and we are close to the movies, the shopping centre, skatepark, ect ect.

When I get out of the car mum explains that just because I am going with Jimmy and Sage it doesn't mean I can't still be sensible, and all I say is yes, yes, and yes, then I kiss her and slam the door. When I run inside I see Jimmy and Sage sitting down on a couch so I run over to them, once Sage sees me she gives me a hug, and then I start looking at Jimmy and then he winked at me so I quickly looked away, I could tell Sage saw I was looking at him so she quickly said "Lets go in now, the movie should be starting soon, anyway." So we all walked in.

Two hours later-

Wow, that was amazing, I said to myself when we walked out of the cinema's, as soon as we got out Jimmy got a text and it said his mum was waiting outside so he then kissed Sage goodbye then left. As soon as he left Sage and I sat on a couch and just looked at eachother for ages, then she started the conversation by asking "Did you like the movie?" I then coughed sarcastically and said "Yes, what about you?" She stared at me like she had never met me and then said awkwardly "Ummm, yeah, I guess so but I don't really know because-" I didn't let her finish because I knew the answer, so I finshed for her, I snarled "Because you were to busy smooching Jimmy to pay attention to anything around you Sage! Ever since he has come into your life he is now becoming part of mine! And plus, we never do anything together because he always tags along! I'm sick of it!" Then she snarled at me and growled "You are only saying that because you are jealous of me because I have a boyfriend and you don't!" That hit me hard, for three years I have put up with her acting like she is the best but I have not once ever said anything about it, but now it's just to far, so I then stand up and yell at her, "YOU ACT LIKE EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS ABOUT YOU BUT IT ISN'T, TAKE A LOOK AROUND YOU AND SEE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO NOTICE HOW STUCK-UP YOU ARE! I HAVE PUT UP WITH IT FOR THREE YEARS AND NOT ONCE HAVE I COMPLAINED BUT NOW IT IS JUST TO FAR!" Then I walk away, when I do I see everyone staring at me but I don't care, it's for her own good. When mum picks me up I act like everything is okay, but really, it isn't. When she asked me how the movie was I said it was great, but I didn't mean it, not after the fight with me and Sage. As soon as we get inside I run straight up to Shailya and tell her everything, while I cry she holds me tight and tells me everything will be alright, but really, I don't think it will...

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