The Trust is Gone

This story is about a girl, who has a crush on her best friends boyfriend, but when her best friend finds out, could that be the last of their friendship??

Iris (main character)
Sage (best friend)
Jimmy (boyfriend)

This is my first book on here so sorry if it's not that good!!!! :)


3. Text messages

Monday morning- at school

Sage has ignored me all morning and it is killing me because we have a science project together but she asked the teacher if she could do it with Jimmy instead and the teacher asked me if that was alright, and I said it was even though it isn't. She is being so rude to me I hate it, she is hanging around all the boys and I am hanging out with Shailya, I was so surprised when Shailya asked me if I wanted to hang out with her at snack and lunch, seeing as she is older than me and all, but she said it was cool if I did so I am. I have been looking at her non-stop to see if she looks like she is missing me, but she doesn't, so I am trying to at like I don't miss her, but the truth is I miss her so bad!!!!! She obviously told everyone about the fight because now everyone is giving me dirty stares, I heard from two other girls that don't believe the rumor because we are friends, they said she told them that I was trying to steal her boyfriend. That's it, I'm done, I'm so moving on!!!! It's hard though because I feel like I need her in my life and all.

After school-

I am hanging out in Shailya's room because we are talking about HER boyfriend. She has been going out with him since Thursday, but they didn't make it official until today, she hasn't told mum though because mum has met him before and she doesn't like him so Shay's gonna tell her another time. His name is Ryder, cool name right!? I got a text from Sage and this is our whole conversation-


3:24- Sage Johnson says- I hope you are thinking about what you said to me last night, you embarrassed me you know? By yelling at me in public. :P


3:28- Iris Shells says- Why should I be sorry? U R the one who said that I was jealous of you because I don't have a boyfriend, when quiet frankly I don't want one!! >:(


3:30- Sage Johnson says- Haha very funny, like you don't want a boyfriend, u r just saying that cos you don't have a boyfriend!!


3:36- Iris Shells says- Get real, Stuck-up princess :/




3:43- Iris Shells says- I just did though? Do you want me to take it back for you?


3:46- Sage Johnson says- Yes, I do >:(


3:49- Iris Shells says- Well then NO! Good-bye!


3:52- Sage Johnson says- Whatever, we are done.


3:53- Iris Shells is now offline


3:53- Sage Johnson is now offline


Well, I'm done with her!!



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