The Trust is Gone

This story is about a girl, who has a crush on her best friends boyfriend, but when her best friend finds out, could that be the last of their friendship??

Iris (main character)
Sage (best friend)
Jimmy (boyfriend)

This is my first book on here so sorry if it's not that good!!!! :)


1. Sage <3

"Yeah, it will be great, see you later!" I replied to my best friend on the phone, tonight we were going to the movies together, but pitty is, her boyfriend is coming, so while I am trying to watch the movie peacefully, Sage and Jimmy will probably smooching the whole movie (non-stop!!)

Sage is my absolute best friend forever! She is always there for me, and vice-versa! We met in Year 5, when she moved to my neighbourhood 3 years ago. She has been my best friend since day one! Though, now that she has a boyfriend (Sage and Jimmy met about 1 month ago), things have changed- every time we go to the movies together, he always tags along with us!! The other week we went to see Forever and Always at the cinema (best movie EVER!!) and she told me there is going to be a surprise, the surprise was... he came with us...

great surprise, hey??

Today we are going to see The Light in the dark (which is a horror), and I just really hope that we can kind of ditch him, but, after all, what we are going to see is a horror (MA+) so he would enjoy it. Right now I am MEANT to be doing my homework, because mum said if I don't finish it by tonight, I don't get to go to the movies, so I asked her "Why do I have to finish it all?"and she said "Because I said so", so then I snarled "Good one mum, you should be a lawyer!" then walk upstairs.

Mum has always been telling me to think before I speak, and think before I remember once when mum and I were going to go see the Wiggles in concert and I got angry at her because she wouldn't let me run and give a rose to Dorothy the Dinosaur, so I ran away from her and ran on stage, then I ran up to Jeff (the purple wiggle), and gave him a hug, then when I got off stage, you should of seen Mum's face!!! Dad has it on camera, he said it was the funniest moment of his life, but he didn't laugh while mum was around!!

See, my mum and dad are very VERY different to each other- mum has blonde hair, dad has brown hair, mum has blue eyes, dad has brown eyes, and every time mum hears me or my older sister (Shaiyla, 16), she gives us the stare (the evilness in her eyes makes us feel so guilty! But for some reason, whenever me and Shailya get in an argument, she always blames it on me, but I guess it's because I'm the youngest, but you see, with dad, he couldn't care less what Shailya and I say, all he does is stare at us like we are aliens then he goes back to whatever he is doing.

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