Its not my problem but it is....

*sequel to 'half way across the world*****
Loui was about to ask out tahlia. But eleanor had to come and ruin it. Kayla and harry have to make peace. But that includes traveling from australia to london constantly. Will it result in a break up between the perfect match???


5. New job

I was awoken by harry kissing my neck. "may i help you" i said smiling and sitting up a bit "yeah its time for you to go to the interview or what ever" he said rubbing my cheek. I yawned and stretched my arms out and they landed around harrys neck. "stay in bed. You need sleep" i said and he looked at me plainly and went to open his mouth "yes its fine" i said before he could he even ask "you can read me like a book" harry said and kissed my cheek. I got out of bed and went for a shower. I came out with only a towl wrapped out me and i saw harry sleepily looking at me "this isnt fair" he said while Lying lazily on his stomach looking at me. I smiled and went to my cupboard. "what do i wear" i said to myself. "let me choose" said harry and pushed me aside slightly. I nodded and he chose a black tight skirt that was not to short and a multi colored cupcake shirt and gave me my black and white vans and he handed them to me. I got changed and straighten my hair and them curled the sides with the straightener. I looked at myself in the mirror and walked back over to the bed and harry was on his stomach with one hand lying off the side. I kissed his cheek and laughed cause he just moaned "bye love" he said and waved. "bye bubby" i said and left my apartment. I locked the doors cause i knew harry wasn't coming out of there anytime soon. I was starting to get nervous,  what if i dont get the job what if i.... I couldnt think anymore cause the taxi pulled up outside the place of the interview. I pulled my shirt down a bit. Straightened my shoulders and held my head high. I walked through the doors and a lady escorted me through to the room. I sat down on a very uncomfortable chair and a little girl ran past. I smiled and then i saw the lady that was kind of like my boss. She had a weird blonde coloured hair. She was very pretty and gave me a smile. She sat down in front of me i was still stiff. "dont be worried honey. Its okay i wont bite" she said and held my hands and i loosened up a bit. I swear i know her voice from somewhere. We were talking about my achievements and everything and she suddenly stopped and stared at me. "sorry. I think i know you from somewhere" she said still studying my face. "i feel the same have we met?" i asked slightly chuckling. I heard a little baby cry "lux babe come here" she said. I got up from chair "OF COURSE. LOU TEASEDALE. DUH. STYLIST OF ONE DIRECTION man i am so dumb" i said standing up in my chair "okay yes that is who i am. But how do i know you" lou said standing with lux on her hip. "i am kayla homes." i said "well. Yes i know that" she said and laughed "from the kiss you video. I was the 'love interest'" i said "of course thats it" she said snapping her fingers. I laughed and so did she. "you've got the job" she said clapping her hands "what?" i asked "how do u know if i am qualified" i asked "well. You did your own hair for the shoot. You have an excellent resumé and you can put up with the boys" she said putting lux down. "wwwwwhat...." i said "I AM GOING TO BE THE GUYS STYLIST" i said almost yelling "yes...." she said laughing a little. "sick" i said. I then sat down and we ordered coffee. "i will be teaching you for the next 2 months so if you know what your doing you get the job perminatly" she said. "can i tell you something" i said sounding rather serious "yeah anything" she said turning serious also. "i know the boys a bit more than the public know" i said a bit suspicious. "like...." said lou nudging for me to go on. "i am actually been um... Kind of dating harry for the last six months" i said a bit hesitant. "oh well. Seems you will get on rather well" she said giggling a bit. "theres more" i said starting "promise you wont tell anyone" i said sounding like a little girl. "i am actually pregnant with harrys kid" i said really quickly "well. Harry will be a great dad. Cause he is to lux and they arent even related" said lou picking up lux again. "think of me like a mum. I am hear for anything advise for pregnancy styling anything" said lou i smiled and hugged her. "the guys are bummed with me
Leaving and said they wont behave for the new stylist but i think you will put them in their place" she said smiling "should i tell them or do you want to keep it a surprise" she asked while we were getting up to leave. "surprise" i said and got my bags. "well see you in 2 days at the interview. We will surprise them then" she said and grabbed her stuff and we left. I am one direction stylist. Wow. My job includes. Everything to do with their hair. All their make up. Their fashion choices it all. Wait. If i choose something bad all the fans will hate me. Calm. The boys will help. Yeah thats it. No need to worry that millions of girls will be judging your work..... Ok
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