Its not my problem but it is....

*sequel to 'half way across the world*****
Loui was about to ask out tahlia. But eleanor had to come and ruin it. Kayla and harry have to make peace. But that includes traveling from australia to london constantly. Will it result in a break up between the perfect match???


1. London i'm back!!!

I stood up off my black and grey plane seat. To be honest it was very comfortable. I got off the plane and open my arms "London i am back" i said and dragged out the back part. I texted tahlia "when i get the chance i am going to come and see you" i sent. She is in so much pain. She thought loui loved her but obviously he is to blind to see that eleanor is a bitch. His loss. I got my bag and got past the fans. Eventually. I got to the car and i got into a car. Bella was amazed. She had necer been to london right aha. I laid my head on harrys and he wrapped his arms around me. I hear loui whisper something to niall. Then we were all in 1 group hug. Harry whispered something in my ear "i know how to get them off" he said And smirked. He crashed his lips to mine and i smiled and allowed tongue. All the boys say back and at once chorused "ewwww" like little girls. I giggled and held harrys hand. We arrived back at the lofts. I walked in the door and smiled. Harry was putting my bags in then going to his loft but it didnt seem to work out that way. He followed me to my room. I laid down on my bed. "about 6 months ago. I saw you i your bikini's through this window" said harry and lightly glided his fingertips on my largish stomach.  "and now look. We are 2 teenagers. No i idea what to do next but just enjoying eachothers company" i said and ran my arm up his tattoo covered arm. When i got to his ear i stopped and rubbed his ear lobe slightly. "harry. I love you" i said and stared deeply into his eyes. He smiled and did the same. He didnt need to say 'i love you' back cause i know he felt it plus he says it to me 50 times a day. "i didnt think you could get lost in someones eyes" said harry and lightly caressed my cheek bones. "oi. Love birds" yelled someone from the building across. Harry moaned and sat up i laughed and did the same "sorry to break up the hormonal pregnancy moment but simon will be here in about 60 seconds" said loui smirking at his joke that i didnt find funny. "shit...." said harry. We ran downstairs "goodluck" i said and he leaned against the door frame. I kissed him and shoved him outside my door and closed it. "you havent changed" said harry through the door and i could tell he was smiling. "love you styles" i said to him and giggled to myself "good bye my princess" he said and left. I sighed out of pure happiness. I went upstairs and decided i had to sort out the job. "hello" i said as my boss picked up the phone "kayla. Your back in london. Meet me at the coffee shop in 5" said my boss and hung up. I went upstairs and changed into jeans and a shirt. I packed up a few things and looked out my window. Harry was pacing in his room. I leaned against my window frame "bubby" i said and he turne to me. He fell to the ground and held his head in his hands. I was getting upset. "harry. Tell me whats wrong right now" i texted him. He looked up and he was crying. "come round at 9 plz babe" he said and sent and looked up at me sadly. "promise" i sent back. He looked at me sadly again. I blew him a kiss and smiled  weakly and left. I entered the little coffee shop and i sat with my boss. "hello." she said and i stopped her. "i am pregnant" i blurted out. Her mouth dropped. "well...... What do you want to do" she asked me "the bump isnt thay big. So can i do a little more photography and then leave" i asked cause my life is depending on this. "i think it is best if you dont. Because the fans will see the bump" she said. "but dont you have a certificate in beauty (hair, make up etc)?" she asked. I simply nodded. "good. I may have a job for you but it is a very high up job and very important" she said. She is giving me another job, what other boss does that. "good. You can have a meeting tomorrow with the old stylist and she can decide if you are qualified. I hugged her and left. I decided to grab dinner and i ate my nandoes in a parking lot.
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