Its not my problem but it is....

*sequel to 'half way across the world*****
Loui was about to ask out tahlia. But eleanor had to come and ruin it. Kayla and harry have to make peace. But that includes traveling from australia to london constantly. Will it result in a break up between the perfect match???


3. Bed time haz...

I was sitting there smiling like an idiot. "hey nialler. Where's bella" i asked randomly. "i gave her my card. She didnt have any winter clothes" he said eating a packet of chips "well. Cold for us is 10 degrees" i said and laughed. "wait your a hair dresser" said loui referring to my statement earlier. "a bit late arent we? And yes i am qualified. I used to be a hair dresser on the side" i said "y the hell didnt you tell us. We could of gotten you a job as our stylist" said niall. Right then bella came through the door. "i just raided forever 21" said bella and siting down on the couch like all the energy was sucked out of her and she laid down on nialls lap. "are you pair official" i asked "yeah. Well no. Not publicly. I am gonna announce it on a twitcam tonight or tomorrow" said niall still focused on bella. "that isnt fair" said harry grumpily. "what isnt fair" i asked haz pushing his curls out of his face. "he gets to be With his girl Properly and i have to keep it a secret" he said sounding a little annoyed "harold. We all now the reasons." said liam. "atleast your here with me" he said smiling and kissing me softly. "hey dont rub it in" said liam and loui and zayn. "sorry....where are perrie and danni" asked niall. "and eleanor" yelled louis. "well perrie will be back tomorrow" said zayn "eleanor. Tonight actually" said loui smiling i just rolled my eyes. "and Danielle on tuesday (2 days away)" said liam. "i dont think there has been a time when we're all taken. Sorry directioners" said loui talking to basically no one. "hey. I am a bit of a directioner" i said trying to sound affended. "yeah but not every directioner has stolen harrys heart" said zayn mucking up harrys hair. Harry was blushing and i kissed his cheek. "PDA please" yelled loui "where is eleanor?" i asked a bit annoyed. "she went back to manchester with a friend" said louis. All that could come to my mind is tahlia and her pain right now. Harry picked me up. "hey where are you going" asked niall. "to bed" said harry. "with kayla. Oooooooo" yelled louis. I swear he is not turning 21. "wait" i yelled and harry put me down. I didnt walk away i just held him and talked "hey bell. Where r you sleeping or staying" i asked her. She blushed and louis looked at me like i was an idiot "who do ya think" he said and gestured to niall. I laughed and jumped on harrys back. We went into my loft and we made our way up to bed. 
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