Its not my problem but it is....

*sequel to 'half way across the world*****
Loui was about to ask out tahlia. But eleanor had to come and ruin it. Kayla and harry have to make peace. But that includes traveling from australia to london constantly. Will it result in a break up between the perfect match???


4. Baby names

A/N sorry for the really short chapter.... Happy bday zayn :P

I got into my normal sleep wear and harry stripped down. "its so much quieter over here. Than over there" he said pointing to the boys loft. "thats another way of saying its boring. Which it is" i said and laid down in bed. "yeah. But if we are both here it wont be boring" said harry with a wink (think dirty). "ugh" i said and slapped his arm playfully. "we havent talked about the baby" he said rubbing circles in my hipbone. "yeah. Like what are we going to do with living and everything" i said honestly "well. Lets think about that when the time comes. I was thinking of what gender?"  he said smiling at my stomach "well personally i want a little girl" i said smiling up at harry "me too" said harry smiling proudly "is it true that you want your first born daughter to be called darcy?" i asked. He laughed "no. I said it once in an Interview and everyone thinks so" he said laughing a little "well. What do u want our babies name to be if it is a girl?" i asked drawing over his tattoo's. "um..... I like the name mia. Or Summer" he said "i like both" i said and harry started to sing sweetly into my ear. "good night my princess" he said i smiled and huddled closer to him. 
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