Its not my problem but it is....

*sequel to 'half way across the world*****
Loui was about to ask out tahlia. But eleanor had to come and ruin it. Kayla and harry have to make peace. But that includes traveling from australia to london constantly. Will it result in a break up between the perfect match???


2. A visit from simon

I pulled into my driveway and made my way over to harrys or the boys loft. I pulled out my spare key and unlocked the door. I shut it and i turned and i was pulled to the ground in a hug from all the boys. "we cant let you go" said louis and held me tighter. I sat up and they carried me over to the couch. I turned to harry and looked at him confused. "simons knows about us..." he said looking down "and the..." i couldnt finish cause niall put his hand over my mouth and simon walked in. Nice save nialler. I turned on bitchy mode. "what..." i said coldly. "miss homes" he said and sat down next to me. "i knew harry wouldn't listen to me. I know you pair have been seeing each other for about 6 months." he said showing no emotion at all. "yes and...." i said a little bit nicer. "i have come to a conclusion" he said and everyone was leaning in waiting for his answer. "not in public please. You cant pull that one 'come on tour' just keep it private. Okay" he said sternly. I ran over to him and hugged him tight. I looked at all the boys and we hugged. I let go and turned to harry. He kissed me and held me as close to his body as he could and lifted me off of the floor and spun me around. "you are not even aloud in public together. If someone asks you are cousins." said simon and left. I screamed and jumped and wrapped my legs around harrys. "hey babe what about your job" harry said sounding sincere. "oh i got fired but. They r maybe getting me a job in beauty" i said acting like it was nothing. "why were you acting so sad" i asked "i was. He said that you had to break up at me and he was yelling at all of us. The boys got into trouble For going along with it" he said playing with the ring i had on. 
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