Music Saves My Life

My Name Is Melody, Music is the only thing that keeps me sane when I'm in my own house . Ive been beat almost to death now I'm planning on leaving the guy i call my father ,he's been Beating me since my mum died NOW ITS TIME TO leave ~Author~ Please Comment and Like my story ,Im So Sorry if the story ITs my second attempt so please comment what u think



Melody's P.O.V 

MELODY GET DOWN HERE !!!!!!! My dad says as I walk Down Stairs ,I see him with Beer in his hand then he stands up walking to me with his hand out . He Slaps me . I fall to the ground and when i try to get up he starts kicking me . WHY DIDNT YOU CLEAN THE HOUSE !!!! he shouts to me . He Then came at me with a Kitchen Knife . I Try to get up and run ,but I was to late he already stabbed me under my Breast . I Ran to My Room Locked the door grabbed the bag that i have been packing up for days and climbed threw my window trying to ignore the pain from the stab . when I Got Out to the Rode I just kept running and never stopped . I had to stop I was to tired ,so i found a park bench and feel asleep .

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When I woke up I was in a Bedroom , With 5 guys staring at me . Good Morning ,Love ,One guy said with curly hair and green eyes ."Are you okay ?" said the Guy with his hair shaved off . I was not Going to answer these guys questions , I know It seems Harsh ,But i Don't know them . Im Zayn said The one with black hair with gold on the tip .Im Harry said the curly haired one .Im Louis said the One with his hair messy .Im Liam said the One with shaved hair .Im Niall said The one with Blonde hair and brown in his roots .I finally Just Said i-Im m-Melody I stuttered .Thats a Beautiful name Said Harry . Then i just got out of the Bed and tried to run From them ,but somebody grabbed my wrist and led me back to the 5 boys . It Was Liam ."Where are you Going he asked ?" Then I Blacked out .

Liam's P.O.V

We were heading out from the studio when Harry Said "What is that Over there On the park Bench ?" We all turn our heads and walk towards the bench .There laid a girl with Brown Hair and she was very skinny ,Then i noticed she was hurt .I decided we should take her back to the flat because i didn't want her to be out here in the cold . So i walked over were she laid and scoped her up she was not even heavy. 

Harry P.O.V

I was talking to Louis when i look over to see something laying on a park bench and then i "What is that Over there On the park Bench ?"and all the boys look over where i am pointing . We start to walk over to the person who was laid out on the bench asleep it was a girl. She had long brown hair and was really pale and skinny .Liam Picked her up and said Lets Get her back to the Flat .*Skip Car ride to flat*We finally arrived at the flat and Liam Brought the girl in to his room and we all waited till she woke up .Then We all stop having our little conversations we were having and looked at the girl who was now awake. She looked at all of us really Scared and Confused .So I Decide to say , Good Morning ,Love and she justs looks at me and stares .Then Liam asked her  "Are you okay ?" but she doesnt answer . Then Everybody started to introduce themSelves .i-Im m-Melody The girl says . Thats a Beautiful Name I say .Then she got up and started to run to the door ,Liam grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to us but then she just blacked out .


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