my superboy

A story of friendship and of what happens when it ends.


1. An introduction

This is my story and this is everyone’s story; it is not a story of boy meets girl. It is not the story of romantic love, nor is it a story of lust. It is a story of humanity, of change, of growth and of loss. This is the story of the first time I ever loved another human being. This is a story of friendship and of what happens when it ends.

I don’t think there is just one person for everyone. I think there are many people at many phases of our lives, numerous people who can alter your very soul, who imprint upon the very essence of who you are. But for me, there was just one person who was truly part of me. The core of who he was slowly wormed its way into the core of who I am and soon they were just one to me. There was no him and I, there was us, there was together, there was love. At first he was just another face in the crowd. I didn’t know him and to be honest I had no real desire to. We really met when we were 10 and my god I hated him, with every ounce of my being I hated him. He was a show off, a grade grubber and he was just plain weird. His clothes had too many skulls on them and he wore more necklaces than I did. I decided it was my mission to one up him at everything; he would no longer be the best. I’d shove him off the pedestal he’d climbed up onto.  Unfortunately I couldn’t because he was, I can now admit, unbelievably talented at every god damn thing he put his mind to.

                2 years later we were placed into the same class yet again and it was a minor annoyance, he still dressed strangely which intimidated me. He could still draw and write better than I could, he could still grasp concepts faster than I could. He was always more of a star that I was. People really saw him. People paid attention when he talked. Before I knew it my friends were his friends and soon enough I saw him way more often than I would have liked. A few months into the year we were partnered up for class and tried as I might, I liked him. He was witty and sarcastic and had a perfect balance between serious and funny. He was smart and I realized my hatred was really jealousy and that jealousy was for someone I began to like to be around. I would never have let him know that of course and I held back, I wasn’t going to be someone else the superboy had won over.            

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