Nialls Little Angel

This is for one of my first winners
dani! Congrats girl I put u with Niall 1st winner I picked others but I decided yto start you first idk y! but yah this story is about you thanks for reading!


2. tears, strangers ,food

When I finally got far enough where he wouldn't chase me I reached a restraint. The place was really crowded and I had time to spare so I went. I changed my skates to shoes so I could go in. when I finally reached the door there was a security guard there and he didn't seem happy. "umm sorry no fans aloud." he said. I looked at him confused for a second then I asked "A fan of what". He looked at me like I was crazy. "ok fine you can go in but don't pull anything missy" he said then letting me into the restraint. I sat down in a booth and looked in my bag. Ok so I have $495.00 left and I have 2 pairs of clothes and a water. I took a second look and relized there was a box inside with a note attached to it and it said:"to my loving daughter when she thinks of me" the note brought tears to my eyes. I was crying really hard now and then this strangercame up to me and hugged me. "shhhhh its okay you will be ok" he said then rubbing my back. "No I wont be okay he is going to kill me just like he killed my mum its never going to be okay he is a monster and he cant be stopped!" I said a little loudly. "I am so sorry but who?" he asked in his amazing accent. "my dad." I said sniffilling then scooting away from him. "oh well he sounds mean." "he is the worst." I said then looking at the menu. "hey I never got your name. but im Dani." I said the looking at the menu again. 

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