Nialls Little Angel

This is for one of my first winners
dani! Congrats girl I put u with Niall 1st winner I picked others but I decided yto start you first idk y! but yah this story is about you thanks for reading!


4. Can you keep a secrete (Danis thoughts)

Dani's P.O.V

I walked in with Niall's hand intertwined with mine when I saw the last person on earth I ever wanted to see........Liam Payne! that dumb fuck knew Niall! I immediately ran upstairs found the bathroom then locked it and cried.   I herd a knock on my door. "who is it?" I said sniffiling.

"Its me. dani." I knew that voice anywheare it was liam. "go away you dick."

"listen please just let me explain"

"fine." I said crossing my arms "ok but first uncross your arms." he said now how in the hell did he know that? "I was with angela and we got drunk and everything was a fuz and then angela leaned in and kissed me she brought me to your hpouse and we had sex im soo sorry and then when I saw how you were hurt I didn't forgive myself. I still love you and I always have."

"Liam I forgive you but just bring niall up he is my boyfriend so please just go."

"ok I understand" he walked down stairs and got niall.

"Hey you wanted me?" niall said

"Yah um can you keep a secreate??" I asked not knowing if I should tell him or not.

"yes I can keep it at all times"

"ok" I walked over to the door and unlocked it let him in then locked it again. I took a deep breath  and unlocked the door.

"Promise your life you wont tell wha I am bout to tell you." I said making my grip on his arm tighter. "I swear it and If I do  you may kill me"

he said. "Ok the reason I was crying was because.........................."  I paused.  "what why what happened babe you can tell me anything"

"ok I dated liam and well we had a kid together but I never told him so my auntie took him and he is now 7 years old I miss him much but liam wont he cheated on me with my old best friend. they had sex. she was pergnate but she got a abortion. I swear that boy does not know how to use a condom. and well he never knew abou that either. he jus admitted he was sorry and I forgave him.  but at the time I started to get into drugs and smoke I srill do smoke but yah I became emo for a while and blocked everyone out. even my mum. when I went out of my room one dsy I saw my dad  beating my mum then hetold me not to scream or hed kill her. I screm anyway.then he shot her right there infront of me. from then on he sexually abused me.............."

*flash back*

"dani get down here sweetie "he said so freaky I gaged.

"yes?" I said

"come here" he said. I was high so I just played along.

"sure babe" I said then starting to unbutton his shirt like he wanted. he pulled his pants down showing his thing.

"lick it" I looked at him for a minute

"ok you want me to force you?" he said then making me open my mouth and stick it in  he  was ontop of me and pushing it in as fast and as  hard as he could I hated it but preteding it was Liam was better .  I moaned . I hated it tht umb fuck had it for the last time .







*end of flash back*



" so yah that's my life" I said then sitting down

"maybe I can make it better he said kissing me and holding my  head gently.

that fekt better .

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