Nialls Little Angel

This is for one of my first winners
dani! Congrats girl I put u with Niall 1st winner I picked others but I decided yto start you first idk y! but yah this story is about you thanks for reading!


3. busting out and my name is

John Garcia's P.O.V


That filthy hoe locked me in the bathroom now she's done it! I'm going to kill her  once I get out of the bathroom. Lucky for me I put a tracker on her skates. She thinks she is so smart telling me not to look somewhere obviously I am going to look at a flower shop she has to be there! and I will kill her. now how do I get out of the bathroom?..................

Nialls P.O.V

When I saw this girl crying it wasn't because of me something upset hr and I just had to comfort her. what im not crazy I just cant see people cry that's all. but when I saw her face she was like a little angel I want her to be my little angel. but she didn't know who I was. how? why? "well science you don't know me let me explain." I said taking a deep breathe. "Hi I am Niall James Horan from One Direction I am 19 and Irish. I have natural brown hair and blue eyes I bleached my hair. And now im on break from tour."  she looked a little happier

"o well u have a nice life im so jelly"

"what about you whats your name" I asked

"o well my name is Dani Garcia I ran away for reasons and now I am homless"

"why did you run away?"

"well I more like broke out of my hell hole"

"oh my gosh.........."  I said

"what its not that big of a deal"

"no not that "

'then what?"

"FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!" I screamed running towards it.

"Damn you really like your food"

"I love food more than I love my life"


"you want some" I asked hading her a plate

"yah sure" she said then her sparkiling eyes went to mine we looked t eachother we both leaned in our faces were inches apart then she ram out.

I ran after her and she was on the side walk crying. I put my arm around her and I saw a piece of food on her lips I kissed her taking it off her mouth then starting to kiss.

"lets bust out of here and go to my flat" I said grabbing her bag.

"ok she giggled and I grabbed her by the waist kissing her again. we left with no words on the way there we got in and all the lads were there Liam and Dani looked shock to see  eachother then she ran upstairs to the bathroom crying.



I was having a good time with the lads win I saw the last person I ever wanted to see again. Its not that I hated her its that I still loved her but I hurt her and she never talked to me again. I ran upstairs after her but she wouldn't let me in so I sent niall up.

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