Nialls Little Angel

This is for one of my first winners
dani! Congrats girl I put u with Niall 1st winner I picked others but I decided yto start you first idk y! but yah this story is about you thanks for reading!


1. IN my thoughts and Out of my house

I never knew that when you love someone they can hurt you. They say it was an accident but it never is. You will try to trust them again most of you will but I have a good reason not to. He hurt me. I never want to see him again! You see he went out of town for a month and lets just say he ............. "Dani  Marie Garcia!" my dad screamed and interrupted my thoughts. "I have been calling you for the past 5 minutes!" he screamed then grabbing my neck and then throwing me into a pile of wood. "Now go get me some beer!" I scrambled up and grabbed my roller blades and my backpack I sat on the floor for a minute and my dad was staring at me. "NOW YOU FILTHY SLUT!" He screamed then pushing me out the door. I skated really fast then telling him I am running away I was skating so fast by holding on to the back of cars. I went to the gas station and asked where the bathroom was and bought beer for the monster and put it in the bathroom with a note attached to it saying : come and find me bitch! but don't look at a flower shop because I wont be there.. I put the note attached to the  beer and then I herd foot steps....... "Where is she?!" he screamed to the counter guy he pointed  to the back and I skated to the back when I saw him go in the bathroom I put a wet floor sign  up against the door and taped a penny in the lock so he cant open it. then I sprinted out the door. I skated for a while and thought I should get something to eat but something told me to keep going. so I did.

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