Love poems

I have loved someone
But they found someone new
So i am expressing my feelings in poems...
And I hope this could also relate to you :')


3. What I never said

I miss your arms 

Around me that night

I miss that movie we watched

It felt so right


5:30pm was

When it started

But at 7:30

Was when it ended


I thought...


The night was magical,

So wonderful, do beautiful

That the world stopped spinning

But this was the beginning


The night was a miracle,

A musical, a broadway show

And the world stopped spinning 

Cuz this was the beginning


Of a new life, a once upon a time

A new chapter, of a fairy tale come true

A new beginning

When I first loved you


I went home saying

I will not forget

And I thank the lord

That we have both met


My heart felt like flying

And defying gravity

Our bond was so strong

No one, could stop me


But now i lie 

On my still bed

I have always regret

What I never said...

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