Love poems

I have loved someone
But they found someone new
So i am expressing my feelings in poems...
And I hope this could also relate to you :')


1. Superman


I am strong to let go

Even if I feel pain

It might cause some scars

But my love for you remains


You don’t believe in once upon a time

Nor in fairy tales come true

You don’t believe in love

What am I supposed to do


I’ve been trying for years

To make you think of me

And think about all the things

That we were meant to be


Every time I see you

I fall in love again

My heart pounds just like the first

Before I called you a friend


I pray to god to dream of you

And that we’d be together

I pray to god to keep you safe

And you and I are like forever


But now, you found someone new

And for that I understand

I just want to let you know

I still need you like superman

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