Love poems

I have loved someone
But they found someone new
So i am expressing my feelings in poems...
And I hope this could also relate to you :')


2. Faithful

You told her you loved her

And she said she loved you too

The weird thing is she's my best friend

And i also love you as much as she do


I cry in my room

Posting negative comments

Singing of love

And dream our happy moments


It's strange cuz i don't know

What i did wrong

I left for a trip

Came back and it was like gone


I day dream all the time

And think how much i care

But you never gave me another chance

No, you wouldn't dare


I'd give a million dollars

To be with you again

I'd give you the world

To be more than a friend


But i know you are happy with her

She is kind and beautiful

She is the one you want

All i could do is be faithful



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