Meet Georgia, she's sarcastic, fun, troublemaker and a flirt. Meet Harry, a cheeky, flirty misbehaved boy and 1/5 of the band One Direction. What happens when these two meet? Will a romance spark between them? Or will Georgia's best friend come between them?



1. WS:Chapter 1

"Shut up, Sarah." I groaned, slinging my arm over my eyes. She was ranting about how hot One Direction was. She rolled my eyes.

"Their like the hottest boys ever!" She gushed. I groaned, and sat up at the edge of her bed. "Please, just please shut up!" I hissed

"Georgia, c'mon, you gotta admit their pretty darn hot," Sarah giggled again. I rolled my eyes, and leaned against the door frame.

"Nope," I concluded, popping the 'p'. She rolled her eyes, and passed me a small piece of paper. I noticed the big writing. 'ONE DIRECTION'.

"Concert tickets?" I hissed. She grinned widely, before grabbing my hand and pulling me out. "First stop; shopping." she squealed.

- Sarah's POV -

I turned around to see Georgia's opinion on a shirt, when I saw her flirting with the cashier. I silently giggled, she always got the boys. She was a shameless flirt, and she gets boys wrapped around her finger in one go.

She's like a goddess, with her smooth milk chocolate locks, her green multi colored eyes, her pale snow white blemish free skin, and killer curves. Heh.

"Hey, how much are these?" I asked, walking up to the cashier.

"Nah, its cool. You can get it for free. Give me a call, yeah Georgia?" he asked, winking. She giggled, and slipped the small piece of paper into her pocket.

I grabbed the bags, and walked out of the shop. Georgia's flirting can really come in handy sometimes.

- 7.30 -

"C'mon G!" I yelled. She walked out, looking gorgeous as usual, as I was packed with fan gear. She was wearing an off shoulder top, and ripped jean shorts, and black combat boots.

"Hey," she chirped, closing the door of my red Lexus. I waved back, and drove to the stadium, where it was already packed.


"Your insecure.. dunno what for," Liam sang in perfect harmony. I was jumping up and down and screaming, while Georgia was sitting down and texting. Weird kid.


"Now, we'll be calling one lucky girl up the stage with us!" Harry announced.

"You! In the black top!" Zayn hollered. I nudged, Georgia, who was still looking down at her phone. I hit her in the back of the head .

"OW! Dude I was-" she was cut off by a security man grabbing her arm and dragging her up stage, and handing her an earpiece.

"Oh, I'm on stage. This is so cool!" she chirped, smiling, as the other boys laughed, amused at her.

"So we're gonna sing you a song," said Niall.

"Oh goodie," she said, clapping her hands sarcastically. Liam handed her a chair, and she sat in it.

"Shut the door, turn the light off.."


"Thank you! Goodnight!" Zayn said, as I saw Harry talking to Georgia, slipping two passes in her pocket. What the hell? Georgia knew Harry is my favorite! She then walked down the stage, and smiling at me cheekily, handing me one.

"Your welcome!" she chirped.


We walked backstage, and Zayn turned to her with a hard glare. "You seduced Harry into giving you guys backstage passes," he glared, his tone icy cold. I turned to Georgia wide eyed.

"Is that what you guys think I do?" she whimpered, showing puppy dog eyes. Zayn's eyes softened, and turned into putty.

"I-I'm sorry, I was just stressed," Zayn replied, She smiled cheekily.

"Great! Thanks!" she chirped, pecking his cheek, as he blushed madly. Oh Georgia.... Only you.

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