Moving On

Lacy loves black and loves to but colour in her hair that's just who she is. Lacy has a problem she can't get over her ex-boyfriend who didn't accept who she was, will she finally meet someone who does, will her ex hold her back?


3. Rain

I woke up at six am the next morning ready to have a great day, I ate a quick breakfast of cereal then but on my black skinny jeans, my black sweater and since it was so early in the morning I but on my navy blue sweater, finally I grabbed I iPod and headed out for a walk. It must have rained during the night because the streets were foggy that you could barely see two feet in front of you. I walked all the way down to the water front where I just sat and listened to my music.

  My music must have been loud because I didn’t hear my cell ring. It wasn’t until around one in the afternoon when I decided to check my phone that I saw I had five missed calls, from my Aunt and Jenna. I called my Aunt back to see why she had called.

 My Aunt told me that the restaurant I work at called saying that they needed me to work during the summer if I wasn’t doing anything. I wasn’t so I called my work back saying I could help out.

 Whether it was fate or ironic I met Rain well it was pouring rain outside. I was walking back home listening to my music; it was late, I’d spent the whole day down by the waterfront. I was dunking under every shelter possible trying not to get wet. I stopped in front of a backdoor to a pub when the door flung open knocking me over, someone trip over my feet.

“Sorry.” I heard

When I saw who was talking to me I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to talk again. His deep drown eyes were mesmerizing and brown hair that was combed to one side and fell perfectly.

“My name’s Rain, are you okay?” The boy named Rain asked.

“I’m fine.” I said a little irritated. “My name’s Lacy.”

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