Moving On

Lacy loves black and loves to but colour in her hair that's just who she is. Lacy has a problem she can't get over her ex-boyfriend who didn't accept who she was, will she finally meet someone who does, will her ex hold her back?


2. Me

  My Aunt lives in a town house with three floors, my bedroom is on the second floor and it faces the street, my favorite thing about my aunt’s place is the exposed brick walls. When I walked through the front door there were my aunt and Jenna sitting at the dinner table.

“Lacy.” My Aunt said as sympathetically as she could. “We need to talk.”

“Look telling me to move on isn’t going to help me move on.” I must have startled my Aunt because she jumped back a little.

“So you’re going to dye your hair again.” Jenna was looking at the bag in my hand.

“I’m going to go back to being me.” I stormed up the stairs and slammed the door shut I knew Jenna and my Aunt were just trying to help me but I just wanted to be left alone.  I went right to dying my hair, I took the black out and then took the ends of my hair that were soon to be black for a month or so.

 Looking at myself in the mirror I saw the girl I was before I started dating Hank, I knew Jenna wouldn’t like she thought that my look made me look like a trap or Goth but it was me. My Aunt once she figured out I didn’t dress the way I do because of depression accepted it.

 I didn’t bother going down stairs to say goodnight or even check to see if Jenna was still there, instead I went right to bed hoping that when I woke up in the morning I would have forgotten who Hank was.

  It had been less than a week since my high school graduation; graduation came two days after Hank dumped me. Hank was valedictorian and won about five awards, Math, Science, Gym, History and valedictorian, you could say Hank was an over achiever got him-self into Harvard hoping one day to be a lawyer like his older brother Max. I never liked Hank’s parents always wanting so much from their kids while they had no goals in life other than to make sure their kids prodigies.

  I won the vocal award at graduation and shoved it in the back of my closet; ever since I got dumped I haven’t like singing.  My Aunt Sue Knew something was really wrong with me when I wasn’t even singing in the shower anymore. I decided that tomorrow I was at least going to enjoy music again I needed to get back to being me and stop thinking about Hank the back stabber.

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