Moving On

Lacy loves black and loves to but colour in her hair that's just who she is. Lacy has a problem she can't get over her ex-boyfriend who didn't accept who she was, will she finally meet someone who does, will her ex hold her back?


1. Hard

“He was my boyfriend for two years how can I just forget him?”

   The second the words were out of my mouth I wished I hadn’t said them. Jenna was looking at me like she was waiting for me to take back what I had just said but I couldn’t because that one though had been on my mind all week. My boyfriend for two years Hank broke up with me at the begging of the week. He was a brown noser that didn’t approve of my past. I know your probably thinking how I could date this guy for two years and he still be the one to dump me. I would say it was because of his charm, the way his lips curled when he smiled, and the way he would say the worst thing at the worst time on purpose just to make me laugh. Hank, (such a great name) use to say that my light blond hair with pink highlights and my baby blue eyes caught his attention but it was my innocent act that intrigued him to pursue me.

   Jenna’s grey eyes were still fixated on me, her red hair had to be pulled back in ponytail to make sure that nothing could fall in her face and break her glare. “Lacy are you okay?” Know she was concerned. I knew it wasn’t concern for my heart but mainly my sanity.

  My mom walked out on me and my dad when I was eight because she fell in love with some young just got out of collage boy. My dad tried raising me but felt too guilty when he couldn’t afford to take care of me so he sent me to live with my aunt in Louisville Kentucky.  It was a big change from my life in Minneapolis Minnesota and a big move for a ten year old to make. My aunt was a big help she accepted me for who I was.

 “I need some air.” I grabbed my comfy green sweater and headed outside.  It was nice to breathe fresh air again after hardly leaving my house. I walked past my favorite store it was the one place in Kentucky where you can by combat boots, clothes, jewelry and semi permanent hair dye.

The store owner knew me well. “Is this miss Lacy Clark?”

I smiled which felt a little strange. “Hey Mark I’m here for some hair dye.”  Mark as tattoos all up his arms and around seven pricings.

  I left the store with red, blue, pink, purple, black and green hair dye some might say I have an obsession with dying my hair. (I don’t dye my whole head just sections, like Avril Lavigne does sometimes.)

I was dreading going home, I knew Jenna would still be there and she would have talked to aunt who would want to talk about my problems blah, blah, blah.

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