Same Mistakes

Victoria is an ordinary 16 year old girl. But little does she know, her life is about to change. After she finds out that One Direction will be doing book signing at her local shopping centre she persaudes her parents to let her go. Along with her best friend Jazzmine they plan the whole day and join the extremly long cue to meet the boys. Finally they reach the table and get there things signed. But when Victoria reaches Harry something clicks between them, and thats where the story beggins.

(This is my first Movella so I am really excited about it! I will except any comments and advice! Thanks xx)


3. Shy

Victoria's P.O.V

I stood there, my feet frozen to the spot. Jazzmine tugged at my arm but I couldn't move! My cheeks flushed red as angry cries from waiting fans began to errupt from the croud. I swallowed once, trying to calm myself down and stepped through, standing next to Jazz. The five boys were seated along a long table. They were all staring down at us curiously. Suddenly one spoke and I felt dizzy as I realised who had spoken to me. It was Harry."So do you want anything signed or are you just planning to stand there?" he asked teasingly, smiling at us. I shook my head and walked over to the tabel holding out my Cd."C Could you p please sign this?" I stammered as my cheeks frlushed red again. He nodded smiling up at me,"Sure" he said picking up a pen and signing it. He added a small comment too. It read- Btw, I love your hair! xx. I read it and looked down,"M most people tease me for it" I said softly not able to look up. Harry snorted,"Well they're stupid! Having red hair is awsome!". I looked at him,'Y You think so?" I asked surprised. He just nodded and winked at me.


Jazzmines P.O.V

I looked over to Tori, who seemed quite happy chatting to Harry. I let out a small nervous laugh as Zayn began to sign my stuff. He looked at me,"Your friend seems fine now" he said glancing at her and Harry. I nodded smiling,"Haha yer. She's pretty shy so I'm quite surprised she's talking so freely" I commented. Zayn smirked,"Harry has a way with the ladies" he said softly leaning over to me no one else would hear. I nodded and just laughed,"I've heard that before". Once we were done and we walked out I noticed Harry and Tori couldn't stop glancing at eachother. We sat on a bench nearby so we could still see them. I elbowed her,"Hehe! Looks like Harry's got an eye for you!" I tease. Tori blushed,"Shut up!" she said slapping my arm playfully,"No way!". I roll my eyes just as she adds,"He said he liked my hair". She showed me what he had wrote. I smiled and winked,"Told you he has a thing for you!". She just laughed. We sat there until the line was gone, although I didn't really get why. We could see that the signing was being packed up and I sighed as the boys dissapeared. Never gonna meet them again! I thought dully. But I had thought too soon! Just as we stood and turned to leave and go shopping or something someone tapped us on the shoulder.


Victoria's P.O.V

I wipped around, ready to defend myself if it was those jerks in our class. I gasped as I realised who it was. Harry! He smiled,"Follow me!" he said grabbing mine and Jazz's arms. he dragged us away and through some big doors and into a lounge. I had never known this part of the mall had existed! In the lounge the rest of the boys were spread over the couches eating food. There was a soft humming of music in the background. I looked around really shocked and excited,"Wh why did you take us here?" I asked turning to face him and getting butterflys as soon as our eyes met. I looked down emediantly and went red. He shrugged,"Well you were kinda um......different from the other fans? Anyway we thought it would be fun to get to know you!". The other boys laughed and Jazz and I looked at them confused. Louis smirked at us,"Not true! As much as we love having you here, it was Harry's idea to invite you! You see he said that you" he pointed straight at me,"Were really hot and that he-" Louis was cut off as Harry dived onto him, slapping his hand over Louis' mouth. He looked at us grinning awkwardly,"Louis does not know what he's talking about!" he gushed blushing. Niall leaned over to them,"Oh Harry are you blushing!?" he said rather loudly riggling his eyes brows and doing a wolf wistle. Harry covered his face with his hands and grumbled,"Shut uuuuuuuup!". While this whole thing occured Jazz and I stood there awakwardly. I didn't exactly know what to think of what Louis had said about Harry thinking I was hot. We sat on a couch opposite the boys. We were soon joined by Harry. He sat next to me and thats when the awkward conversation started.

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