Same Mistakes

Victoria is an ordinary 16 year old girl. But little does she know, her life is about to change. After she finds out that One Direction will be doing book signing at her local shopping centre she persaudes her parents to let her go. Along with her best friend Jazzmine they plan the whole day and join the extremly long cue to meet the boys. Finally they reach the table and get there things signed. But when Victoria reaches Harry something clicks between them, and thats where the story beggins.

(This is my first Movella so I am really excited about it! I will except any comments and advice! Thanks xx)


6. Lust,Guilt.

Harry's P.O.V

As I reached the end of her driveway I turned around to glance back up at her room. I sighed and turned away, shoving my hands into my pockets. A million thoughts raced through my mind. Why didn't she want me? Who was this Jarrah guy exactly? Was he good to her? Things like that. I sighed as I reached my car which I had parked further down the street. I unlocked it and got inside slipping my seat belt on. I put my keys in and the engine came to life. As I drove I turned up the radio. Little Things was playing and I sang along softly. All I could think of was her. I soon arrived at my place. All the boys would be there as it was game night. Where we played fifa and stuff like that all night. I locked my car and walked up to the house and opened the front door. They all looked at me. Liam frowned,"Where were you?". I shrugged,"Um just took a drive" I lied. Louis smirked,"No you didn't! Look at his hair!". All the boys smiled and wolf whistled."Bet it was that red haired chick" he commented. Zayn nodded,"Harry doesn't she have a boyfriend?". I just shrugged and took a seat next to them. When I sat I began to feel uncomfortable. I thought about what we had done and how good she had been. Without realising it I was going hard. My dick was visiable through my jeans and it was presing against them. Zayn smirked at me,"Guys look! Harry  has a boner!". They all errupted into a fit of laughter, except for me. I just went red."HARRY'S GOT A BONER! HARRY'S GOT A BONER!!!!!!!" they all cheered together. I sighed putting his hands over my crotch,"Shut up!" I grumbled. They all shook their heads,"Man she must've been good if you go hard to the thought of her" Louis commented. I sighed and reluctantly said,"Yer probs the best I've ever had". They all cooed,"Lover booooooooyyyy!" Liam jeered. I stood up,"Geez just cause I can have sex with whoever I want" I teased walking from the room. They all laughed,"That burns Harry!" Zayn called after me. I smirked as I went up to my room. I lay on my bed and pulled off my shirt just putting on some clean boxers. I sighed. I was still hard. I slipped one of my hands down my boxers and began to rub my dick, pretending it was her. I masturabted for a pretty long time to the thought of her. I removed my hand and pulled down my boxers. I groaned when he saw it. It was absolutly huge sticking out straight. It was red and the tip was covered in cum. I got out my phone and snapped a pic and sent it to Tori along with a message that read- This is what you do to me. Fuck I want you bad. I rolled over resting my head on the pillow and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Victoria's P.O.V

I lay in bed thinking what a horrible person I was. I was beating myself up on the inside. Jarrah had always been so good to me! He had respected me and given me space. He was everything a girl could ask for and more. But no! I had to have more and then lose my virginity to some sex craved pop star! I swore when my phone went off and saw it was a message from Harrry. I opened the text and saw the picture and the caption. It took me a while to realise he had sent me a photo of his dick. I covered my mouth in discust! I deleted it straight away and turned my phone off. I looked around my room at all the posters of Harry on my walls. I suddenly felt sick. I stood up and began to rip the posters off my wall until they all lay in shredds on the ground. I felt a bit better. I just couldn't stand to have those posters anymore. They were all fakes. He was soooooooo not the perfect, kind,hot singer! Okay well he was hot but he was an absolute player! I never wanted to see him again! I buried my face in my pillow and closed my eyes letting myself drift into a painfull and guilt filled sleep.



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