Same Mistakes

Victoria is an ordinary 16 year old girl. But little does she know, her life is about to change. After she finds out that One Direction will be doing book signing at her local shopping centre she persaudes her parents to let her go. Along with her best friend Jazzmine they plan the whole day and join the extremly long cue to meet the boys. Finally they reach the table and get there things signed. But when Victoria reaches Harry something clicks between them, and thats where the story beggins.

(This is my first Movella so I am really excited about it! I will except any comments and advice! Thanks xx)


2. Cd's,Photos and Styles!

Victoria's P.O.V

I tried to act tough as pain englufed my fist. If my hand hurt this much imagine what the boys jaw felt like! I felt pride run through me as I knelt down to help Jazzmine to her feet,"You right?" I asked concern filling my tone. Jazz nodded sloley her hand resting on the back of her head. I sighed,"C'mon, lets take you to the office and get you cleaned up". 

-Saturday Morning. Morning of 1D signings-

Victoria's P.O.V

My alarm went off and I sat up yawning. I remembered that I was at Jazz's place. I had stayed over last night so that we could get a good spot in the line for the signings. I sighed laying back down then I let out a small squeal as I remembered. The Signings! We were going to met One Direction!!!!! I Burst from my sleeping bag and leapt onto the bed where Jazz still slumbered."Wakey Wakey!" I cooed shaking her. She moaned,"Goooo awaaaaaay!". I laughed and lent down to whisper something in her ear,"Signings" I said softly. Suddenyl her head rocketed up and she head butted me. I fell of the bed in a fit of laughter. She coverd her mouth with her mouth as she laughed un controllably,"I am soooo sorry!" she laughed sliding onto the floor to see if I was ok. I just nodded and laughed,"I'm fine! But how are your stitches?" I aske leanin over to check the back of her head. After she had hit her head on the table because of that dumb ass, she had needed to get 6 stitches."I'm fiiiiinnnnne!" she whined like a little kid. I smiled,"Ok if you insist!".

-One hour later-

Jazzmines P.O.V

We both stood in the mirror in the hall perfecting our reflections. Tori's dad stood watching us,"Girls?" he said laughter in his voice,"How long do you need to fix your hair? You already look fine!". We both sighed. I turned around a sly smile playing on my lips,"Now, I don't know if Tori has told you this but today we are meeting our husbands for the first time, so I think we would both like to make an extremly good impression" I explained. I turned to Tori,"Isn't that right?" I questioned. She nodded trying to hide her laughter. We were trying to be serious, which for us, was very hard to do. We grabbed out things, photos,cd's,t-shirts, things like that and piled into Tori's family car. Ok well I wouldn't exactly call it a family car seens that it was a Porsch! We arrived at the mall t ve greeted by thousands of screaming girls."Pick you up at 5pm girls!" Tori's dad said as he drove away. It was 10am at the moment. We joined the cue, which by the way was already about 300 meters long and waited. About 3 hours later we were nearly there. I grabbed Tori's hand squeezing it tight, "Do I look ok?" I asked getting butterflys. She nodded,"Honey you look fine! Do I?". I nodded smiling. I could see them! Oh god! Niall with his blonde hair and soft blue eyes! Louis with that playfull smile dancing across his lips as he spoke to a fan while signing something for her. And there he was. I nudged Tori and she nodded. She had seem him to. The lush brown curls and laughing green eyes. It was Harry Styles himself! We were at the front now and the tables were clear. The secerity guards unclipped the rop letting just Tori and I threw. I stepped in expecting Tori to follow but she didn't. I turned to see her frozen to the spot,"Tori?!" I whispered pulling on her hand. She didn't budge.

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