Same Mistakes

Victoria is an ordinary 16 year old girl. But little does she know, her life is about to change. After she finds out that One Direction will be doing book signing at her local shopping centre she persaudes her parents to let her go. Along with her best friend Jazzmine they plan the whole day and join the extremly long cue to meet the boys. Finally they reach the table and get there things signed. But when Victoria reaches Harry something clicks between them, and thats where the story beggins.

(This is my first Movella so I am really excited about it! I will except any comments and advice! Thanks xx)


5. Caught In The Act

Harry's P.O.V

I leaned over her as she looked up at me. I mixture of fear and excitemt in her eyes. I ran my hands down her hips and over her thighs just to tease her before I pressed my lips to hers, gently at first and then roughly. While we were kissing she made the first move by reaching out her hands and unbuckling my belt. She then undid my fly. She slid my pants down and I kicked them off onto the ground quickly. I was already hard and I noticed her bite her lip and giggle. I just smirked. I pulled off my underwear and my shirt. I saw her staring at my naked body with aw and I laughed."I'm all yours" I said softly begging to undress her. She nodded giving me permission and I did so. Now she was just in her underwear and bra. I smirked unclipping the bra and throwing it to the ground. I ran my hands over her breasts. They were pretty big which I liked. I slid my hands down to her underwear and took them off too. Now we were both naked. I rolled so she was on top. She giggled and I smirked,"A bit of foreplay?" I suggested gruffly. She nodded and as if knowing what I had wanted and bobbed down in front of me. She ran her lips lightly over the end of my dick and I trembled as she suddenly took it all in her mouth. She sucked hard and massaged my balls at the same time. I grabbed at her hair and came in her mouth. She swollowed and stood to look at me,"Good?" she asked softly. I nodded. She smiled happily. I let my hand fall down under the blanket and my hand slowly carressed her inner thigh. She moaned softly and I smirked at her as I stuck two fingers into her vagina, fingering her hard. She grabbed my hair and hissed,"Enough foreplay Harry, I want you inside me!". I was slightly shocked but I obeyed. I reached down where my jeans were on the floor and pulled a condom from the pocket and slipped it on. I turned to her, lining my cock up to her entrance and then pushed in. She moaned as I thrusted harder in and out. I could tell she was close to her high so I pressed deeper. She gripped the bed sheets,"H harry I think I'm gonna c cum" she stammered as her hips buckled. I smirked as I hit a nerve. She screamed,"Do it babe" I said encouragingly. She did and I pulled out. We collapsed next to eachother panting and sweating. I was about to suggest a quick make out session when he heard a noise from outside her room.

Victoria's P.O.V

I heard it to and froze. I turned to see my door handle turning. Someone was opening the door! I leapt up and opened my cupboard and shoved Harry insde with his clothes and I quickly layed down on the bed and covered my naked body and tried to act like I hadn't just had sex with Harry Styles. Pretty hard to do though ay? I was still covered in sweat and my hair was a mess. Rosie walked in and looked at me suspicously."I heard noises" she said walking over to me. I went further under the doona so she wouldn't realise I had nothing on. She looked at my hair and the love bites trailing down my neck. She raised an eyebrow,"Was Jarrah here?" she asked. I felt a stab of regret and guilt run through me as she spoke his name. I shook my head,"N no" I stuttered. She shrugged,"Who was it then?" she asked snooping around my room."No one" I said. She looked under my bed and I heard her gasp. She leaped back up to face me holding the condom packet in her hand. I groaned,"What is this young lady!?" she said. I swollowed,"Fine I had someone over but it wasn't Jarrah!". She looked at me,"You slut!" she hissed,"He deserves better than you!". My sister was 17, a year older than me. Jarrah was 17 too and Rosie had always found him attractive. I shook my head,"Its not what you think!" my voice didn't sound very convincing. She was about to snap a reply when Harry fell from my cupboard with nothing on. Rosie's mouth dropped open,"Th thats who you h had sex with?" she gaped pointing at him. I nodded going red. Harry smiled awkwardly and covered his still hard dick,"Hello" he said. Roise just stared,"You slept with him?! Harry Styles? Omg you are so lucky!". I blushed more deeply. She was making this really awkward,"Was he good?" she asked sitting next to me. Harry looked at me his eyes filled with laughter. I shrugged,"Yer he was okay". Rosie laughed,"I'm sure he was better than okay! From the screams and moans I heard it sounded like you guys were going fucking crazy!". Harry snorted trying to stop himself from laughing. I sighed,"Rosie can you please go?" I asked. She shrugged and stood walking over to the door. Just before she walked out she turned to me a look of triumph in her eyes,"You can bet that Jarrah will hear about this!" she hissed as she closed the door. I moaned and hid under the covers. I moment later I felt Harry lay down beside me,"You okay?" he asked softly kissing my hair,"I think you should go" I suggested not looking at him. He just nodded which I was greatfull for. He stood up and quickly dressed and walked over to the window. He turned to look at me,"If you ever need it again, just text or call okay?". I doughted that I wanted him again. I felt so guilty. Roise was right, Jarrah deserved better than me. I just nodded and he shot me one of his famous smiles before climbing from the window and dissapearing into the night.

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